19 June 2019

”I finally got a boyfriend after so long, You know Tim I had a crush on him ever since…. umm ever since when? I don remember. But I already had a crush on him and today he asked me out. Its still hard to believe, hes so popular why would he date me? Timmy, I am so happy today. ” Darlina was overflowing with happiness.

”Oh great what was his name again? ” (its not that she is uninterested but she just has a hard time remembering peoples names.)

”Ah Tim you are my friend since ages and yet you can keep my boyfriends name in your head? Its Spencer. ”

”So you still remember I am your friend? ” Tims voice was unusually cold today. Her always smiling face vanished into thin air after hearing this. Her tone was so indifferent because of the trouble she went through all alone to save Darlina from that guy but she walked into the trap on her own.

”Whats wrong Tim? Are you okay? ” She pretended not to know the reason for her coldness.

”I warned you every single day not to go near him; I tried my best to get you out of his reach but you kept throwing yourself at him. Do you have even the slightest piece of pride left in yourself? ”

”Why do you have to be like this Tim? You are the first one I am sharing this news with.. ”

”Ah cmon I was not even bothered by the fact that you had a celebration party with those punks who wander around your oyfriend but now you even have to lie to me? Its still ok but why do you have to date this jerk in the first place? You know exactly what he wants from you. You are aware of how many girls he used and dumped before you, still, you fall for his fake gestures and stuff. I could have never expected this from you. ” Tim was at the edge of shouting, her face was already red.

”What are you being all bossy about? Its my life and Ill live it as I wish. You can say whatever you want, you can use such words for him just because you are my friend. You are just jealous of me, I should have understood earlier. ” Timmy was stunned after hearing this. She knew whom those words actually belonged to. ”

”O…okay if the things have come to this then I can help but I guess youll soon be coming back to me (and you are still welcome please don get any deeper into it) ” Tim just murmured some of the words, she was aware of the type of personality Darlina had but today it went overboard. Tim was already on the brink of crying. she looked at Darlina straight in her eyes for a while as if wanting to say something but in the end, she just left.

Darlina didn mean it but right now she had no idea what to do. She kept standing there until a touch o

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