The Great Masters of the Spiritual World

— Chapter 5다섯: A Tour of the Pier

It seems that my mind had found something to keep on spinning, the fact that the puppets had been able to get through the entrance, which as I remember is completely protected by soldiers from two watchtowers, seems to me something impossible. I remember that 4 years ago, disguised mercenaries wanted to pass the barrier, but they were detected in time, how is it possible that the puppets, no?

The clan leaders are in a meeting with Samchum and Empress Yí, about this strange matter, which again became a trend in the community, of course if all this happened in the main square.

— What do you think is going on? —I asked Haesuk— I couldn sleep all night, not to mention the annoying snoring of a certain noisy person.

— I don know, but it has to be extremely important, doesn it? —He replied— By the way, where did you get that amulet hanging from your belt? Ive never seen it before.

— The leader of the Jeong clan gave it to me —I said looking at him— he said it would replace my low energy, how strange, isn it?

— Its the first time Ive seen one like this —he admitted— he probably gave it to you, weren you dreaming, I thought he didn like you?

— Im serious, he gave it to me before he left the room —I exclaimed— he probably brought it from Yecheon-gun, thats why youve never seen one like this.

— Its okay, Im kidding —he replied, draping an arm over my shoulders— I need a vacation.

—Sometimes you are so annoying —I said, letting go— and I doubt Samchun will allow it.

— Oh, little YangYang is angry —he said as he cupped my cheeks, as if I were a baby.

As Haesuk continued to test my patience level, a throat clearing made me turn around and I had to push him away, as the four leaders were witnessing the scene, trying to contain their laughter, of course, except for two who were somewhat serious.

—Sorry to interrupt you —began the leader of the Bahk clan— but they told us that they could take us to a place where we should go.

— Of course! —I said, getting up— Where do you have to go?

— To the library —replied the Kim clan leader.

I just led the way, everything was very quiet and it was a bit awkward.

— Your name is YangYang isn it? —asked the Rhee clan leader.

— Oh yes, thats my name — she had taken me by surprise, I almost said something silly.

— Youve changed so much, both of you —she said, wrapping her arms around us— they were so small, I feel kind of old.

— Seonghee, you
e making them uncomfortable —I heard someone say— You
e worse than a river demon.

— Jiseung, do you want a petting from Shandian? —he said in a threatening tone.

— Seonghee, you are a very aggressive woman —he replied— thats why everyone runs away from you.

— They look like two children fighting —exclaimed leader Kim, ”they are going to end up damaging our reputation.

— They don care, do they? —he asked.

I quickly shook my head, I had never imagined leaders with such a…funny? personality, I felt a little intimidated by leader Rhee, although she is very charismatic, she was very nice, so the trip to the library became more pleasant and rewarding.



Once we arrived at our destination, we briefly explained to them how the library worked, so we left with the order to pick them up in the evening. How exhausting, it feels like we are their babysitters, sometimes I don even know how I should behave.

Haesuk and I stayed near the square, hanging around, helping with repairs, because of the mess the puppets made yesterday.

— Hey, guys! —we heard in the distance— wait for me.

— oh In Sung hyung —I said— why are you in such a hurry?

— I have to tell you something — he answered, catching his breath— I bet you won believe me.

He took us to a secluded place, it seemed he didn want anyone to hear the conversation.

— There is a traitor —he whispered.

— What do you mean? —Haesuk asked.

— The puppets are because of a traitor —he answered— someone conspired against us, General Lee is so upset, Im even afraid to cross him.

— How do you know that? —I asked confused.

— I heard it at the meeting the leaders had with General Lee, ” he said —I hadn found them and I had to tell him.

— You spied on them? —Haesuk exclaimed, ”Have you gone crazy? If anyone finds out, there will be no one to save you from this.

I should have guessed, its all a plot, the city of Ulleung stands out for many things, especially for its strict security system, although now that I think about it, no wonder the leaders wanted to go to the library, there is a secret part where the census documents are kept, which is held from time to time in the Pier, this will help to identify anyone who possesses the summoning mark.

— This is very intriguing —Haesuk suddenly whispered.

— My heart was about to burst —admitted In Sung Hyung —I thought the witch Yí had seen me.

— We have to pretend we don know —I said— If anyone finds out, it will spread all over the place.

I don want any of them to get into trouble…. Samchum and Empress Yí already have enough problems to deal with, once the night came, I waited patiently at the door, as Haesuk had to go help Samchum and I stayed here.



— Oh YangYang, why aren you with Haesuk? —asks Rhee Leader.

— I had to go help Samchum —I said, bowing— could I find what I needed?

— Oh I understand —he said— yes, sure, shall we go?

— Of course —I answered, picking up my pace.

— YangYang —he called after me— would you mind giving me a personal tour tomorrow?

— Of course Id love to —I replied.

Stupid YangYang, where did those words come from? I felt a little embarrassed, and ended up scratching my cheek nervously.

— Are we excluded? —Asked the leader of the Jeong Clan.

— It depends, YangYang might be intimidated by you idiots —he mentioned— Besides Jindae I thought you didn want to go, why the change of heart?

— There seems to be a good forecast for tomorrow —he replied calmly.





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