The Great Masters of the Spiritual World

— Chapter 7일곱: A False Accusation

My body had become completely paralyzed not knowing how to react, a shiver ran down the length of my back and I slowly turned around.

— Jeong clan leader… —I muttered— I was looking for him.

— But, it seems I found you —he mentioned— Didn I, YangYang?

— And the other leaders? I see them with you —I asked, searching with my eyes.

— They left, only you and I are left… —he said coming closer— It must be destiny, don you think?

I was speechless, had he asked them to leave? and if so, why? does he want to take revenge for what happened in our first meeting? I shook my head removing those ideas from my mind, that is, the powerful leader of the Yecheon Jeong clan taking revenge on me, for such a childish matter? what nonsense.

— Do you think Im taking revenge? —I suddenly asked— For what happened years ago?

Can he read my thoughts? Is that possible? Well, he belongs to a powerful race, it must be some kind of ability, right?

— No, Im not reading your mind —he commented, making me feel even more confused— You
e like an open book —he mentioned to my obvious confusion.

— What is he talking about? —I exclaimed, feeling a bit annoyed.

With one hand he grabbed my jaw and turned my face from left to right, inspecting me in detail. His grip was strong and I couldn pull him away from me.

— Its easy to deduce what that head of yours is scheming —he said getting dangerously close to my face, my heart beat frantically at the strange situation, why was he doing this in public?

— Aren you afraid that your reputation will be ruined? —I asked with difficulty, ”Isn your behavior being too indecent?

— Indecent? Do you want to give me moral lessons? —he answered getting even closer— besides no one can see us.

I looked around me and indeed it seemed that we were in an alley, no one could see us, how had we changed places so fast?

— At what moment…—my words were cut off, when he slammed me against the wall and placed his mouth on my shoulder? …I struggled a little trying to push him away, but then my eyes narrowed and I fell into a deep darkness.




I woke up suddenly feeling confused, I quickly looked around and found myself in my room…Had it been a dream? I felt a little embarrassed for having that kind of dreams, but a sharp pain in my neck made me react.

So it wasn a dream? Im too confused and sore to think about it properly. I looked at my clothes and they were different from yesterday, they were the clothes I always wear to sleep. Haesuk was not in the room, so how long have I been asleep for?

Without changing I decided to go out, but when I was about to open the door I was interrupted by Haesuk who was opening it at the same time as me.

— Oh! YangYang, you woke up — Haesuk exclaimed when he saw me— I thought you were sick.

— Did I sleep too much? —I asked a bit scared.

— Just until noon —he replied, I was about to collapse, everything seems normal, so I went back and sat on the bed, recapitulating the last thing my brain remembered.

— Hyung about last night…—I started saying-nothing weird happened, right?

— Ah! about that you came in as a zombie —commented Haesuk — after changing your clothes, you laid down and fell sound asleep.

— And that didn seem strange to you? —I asked — I can believe it.

— YangYang, Im used to your weirdness —Haesuk teased— so I didn worry.

—Sometimes you can be such an idiot —I exclaimed somewhat annoyed.

Haesuk had brought me some food, so I just ate in silence, and he just looked at me mockingly. When I felt that my energy had returned, I decided to go for a walk.




— YangYang! —I heard a call in the distance— Wait, just a moment.

I turned to look and was surprised to see that it was the leader Rhee.

— Maiden Rhee, is something wrong? —I jumped to ask, because she was calling me so urgently.

— You sure walk fast —I exclaimed exhausted— yesterday you told me that you would take me to a pond nearby.

— Oh, I forgot —I mentioned embarrassed— if you like, I can take you there right now.

We walked towards the moon pond, one of the most popular places in the pier due to its powerful millenary energy, besides it was not uncomfortable at all even though it was just the two of us.

There were times when we exchanged a few words, but she seemed to be more interested in the surroundings than in a possible conversation. Once we arrived at the place, her face seemed to light up, I had never seen an expression like that, I let her come closer and I stayed a few meters away.

— This is beautiful! Not even in Gyeonju-gun I had never seen anything like this —she exclaimed excitedly— Is it allowed to enter?

— Of course, Ill stay here —she nodded and started to…undress!?

— Don be ashamed, YangYang —she shouted at me— its only the robe.

I relaxed, but just looked around, if Haesuk was here, he would have undoubtedly made fun of me. With some nerves I looked back towards the pond, everything was going well, until I noticed a strange figure a few meters away.

— Maid Rhee! —I shouted— look behind you.

A strange creature rushed at her and I reacted by throwing my sword at it, with my skills and my distance I couldn be of much help.

It seemed like a quiet day, but I didn expect a creature like this to appear right behind her. Something very rare that is to say, we had never had any problems before.

In addition Samchum put a protection seal and being a pond it is impossible that it was somehow connected with a river that could have brought it, I grabbed a branch and tried to face it.

But this one had a great negative energy I could feel it, but when the leader Rhee gave a final blow, it disappeared from our field of vision.

— Are you all right, Maiden Rhee? —I asked worriedly— besides what the hell was that?

— It was a Mul Gwishin —she answered completely exhausted— although it is mostly known to everyone as a river demon.

I thought it was a mockery of Leader Bahk towards Leader Rhee, but it seems that river demons don really exist and I had the unfortunate pleasure of witnessing an attack.





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