Looking at the soft snow slowly sprinkling down over the park from the high sky above, Agnes felt nothing at the sight of it. Don know when it happened, but with each day passing by, he felt less and less emotion. Like an empty black hole, neither sad nor happy, he felt nothing at all.

The thing that excites him only bored him now. Games, parties, women, etc. None of that can exhilarate his gray heart. He always wonders if maybe this is part of the process of a game called life?

People say money can buy happiness, and he never heard the most accurate statements. Surrounded by wealth the moment he was born, he never knew poverty. And when he looks at the people with less fortune, he sometimes envies them as they are always so satisfied with life.

He always wonders why? What is their secret? What makes them so delighted with life? Yet, no matter how much he tries their advice to be happy in life, he is still not fully satisfied. There is still a black pit in his heart that seems to be bottomless. No matter what he tried to fill it with, it still did nothing.

Sighing at his vulnerable self, Agnes glanced at his watch, and it had already been half an hour he gaping at the park doing absolutely nothing. Smiling, clearly mocking himself, Agnus fish out his phone and scroll through his schedule.

”Two more hours. ” He mumbles slowly.

Place his phone back in his pocket; he then picks up a novel he bought some time ago on the table and starts reading it. With a cup of hot tea and soft melodies, he immersed himself in fantasy while he waited for his client to come over.


The sound of the doorbell of the cafe vibrates through his ears. Looks in the direction of the door and sees a man with a black fedora and dark trench coat enter the building, Agnes place down his book. The man he waited for has finally come.

”Sorry for the wait. There a slight mishap at my end. ”

”Worry not. There is always a mishap in our line of business. So lets talk. What do you need from us, Mr. Kreutzberg. ”

”Before that, are you sure this place is safe? The world law headquarters is just several blocks away from us, and this is a public place. If they detect even a slight suspicion activity, both of us will end up in prison. ”

”Please, be at ease. We never put our clients in danger. So please, Mr. Kreutzberg, be at ease and tell me what is your request? ”

Nodding his head but still staying on high vigilance as he keeps staring outside the window, the man, Vincent, begins to explain his situation.

”As you know, last night, one of the twelve royals of Anderthall has died, and in several days of time, his son will inherit his title. ”

”Yes, I have been informed. Truly a loss for the world. So what is the relation between your story and your request? ”

”I want you to assassinate his son, Prince Issak, at the moment of his coronation that will be held on Friday. ”

”Hmm…assassination a simple request, but a Prince of Anderthall. That will be quite troublesome. But a request is a request, as the customer is king. Then, how much would you be willing to pay, Mr. Kreutzberg? ”

”A billion Sol. ”

”Hmm, let me consider it first, ” Replied Agnes as he kept quiet. Considering if the business is reasonable or not. The clock tick by, and five minutes passed by; only then Agnes spoke once again.

”Very well. I accept your request, Mr. Kreutzberg. But I need a five percent downpayment first. Can you accept it? ”

”Yes, I can. How do I give it? Transfer? Cash? ”

”A simple transfer would do. ”

”Very well. ”

Fish out his phone from his pocket, Vincent logs into Paradox, the bank of the underworld. Type the account number of the organization the man before him represent; he unhesitantly transfers 50 million sol without a blink of an eye.


Take out his phone and see 50 million sol transferred to his account; Agnes only smiles out of habit as he places down his phone on the table. Staring back at his client, Agnes put a professional look as he stood up and extended his hand.

”Its good doing business with you, Mr.Kreutzberg. I will deliver a spectacular sight for you and the world this Friday. ”

”As you should. ” Said Vincent as he grasped Agness hand and shook it. Clearly happy with his tone.

”So, would you like some coffee or tea, Mr.Kreutzberg? ”

”Hum? ” Confused as he was suddenly being asked an unrelated question, he looked to his side.

He is so engrossed in talking business with the man before him and so happy after the transaction; he slightly slips down his guard and does not realize that a waiter has come by the table. With a standard round silver tray in her hand, the waiter stares at him with her round green eyes, ready to take his order.

”That will be unnecessary, mister. I thanked you for the offer, but I have to get going now. ”

”Very well then, may you have a safe journey, Mr. Kreutzberg. ”


Like getting shot by a stray bullet. Quick as it is unexpected. Vincent got knocked down to the floor. As earlier was just a dream, before he knew it, he was hit by a metallic tray on the back of his head. Don know why this unexpected turn suddenly happened to him; he looks at the man with shock and anger before he falls unconscious.

Look at the unconscious man, who he just had a biussness deal with; Agnes was stone cold. Unlike earlier, when he almost always smiled, now he was emotionless, full of indifference.

”Tie him up and place him at the back. Watch him carefully, and don let him escape. ”

”Yes, Sir, and would you like to refill your tea, Sir? ”

”That would be lovely. Replies Agnes as he glance at his watch. ”Hmm, another thirty minutes. ”

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