Chapter 24: How can I stay in the —- state.

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Posted on June 21, 2022by Soafp

Translator: Soafp

[Emi PoV] 

For the first time in a week, Maika came to school.

 But she never spoke to me.

Is that to be expected? She must know the source of the harassment against her.
She understands correctly.

 It seems that the only thing that concerned her, she never talked to anyone about it.

 Well, even if she had….

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 From the way she was acting, it seemed that she was refraining from getting involved with him.

 Or rather, she is refraining from getting involved with anyone.
Or, rather, she seems to be avoiding it.

 There are kids who talk to her.
Maybe they see that she has missed a week and are afraid of being the perpetrator of a series of events.

Somehow, everyone knows what happened.

 It’s okay.
We’re all in this together.

  ”It can’t be helped…”

 I chuckled to myself.

 I don’t know how she looks to those around her, but to me she seems isolated.

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 There are people around, but still.

 Yes, it can’t be helped.

 Because this is the result of self-defense.

 It is her own fault for sticking her neck out without permission.

 She is now alone and on her own.

That is what I tell myself.

 —I am not the perpetrator.

 I’m not like those guys.

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With such a sound, my phone notified me of the message.

 I looked at the sender’s name and felt very nostalgic, even though it wasn’t that long ago.


I was surprised to see the name of an old friend whom I had not heard from for a while.

 ”What’s going on?”

 I opened the app and displayed the message.

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 And I was absolutely stunned by the content.

 ”…what do I do?”

 What should I do? I don’t know.

 But I could clearly feel something was cracking.

 Something deadly.
That’s what it sounded like.

“I had to do something.”

 I think.
How can I stay in the “ーー” state?

How can I be so pathetic—–

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