Chapter 9: Objective.

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Translator: Soafp

TL: Double chapter, since this one is really short.

[Third person view]

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“Okay, no one saw me spreading the paper around the class.”

But isn’t this going to involve Maika, too?”

 After school, in a classroom where most students had left, two boys were talking.

 ”That’s why we can blame it all on him.
By sheer force of numbers.”

 ”Well, I don’t care what it is as long as I don’t get caught or anything.
My goal is something else.
This is a nice by-product.”

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 As the sun begins to set and the setting sun shines in the classroom, the two continue their secret conversation.

“Speaking of which, Are you sure it’s true that he was bullying Sonoda? If not, that’s pretty bad, isn’t it?”

 ”That’s not a problem.
I got this information from a friend who went to the same junior high school as him.
There is no doubt about it.
So don’t worry.”

 ”I see, that’s a relief.”

Then, one of the students continued.

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 ”What next? Why don’t we just go ahead and threaten him directly? There doesn’t seem to be any compromise, so this should be a quick fix.”

“No, because his relationship with Maika is still a mystery to me.
Let’s be cautious here.”

 ”I agree with you.

 ♪ Pilon ♪

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 ”Ah, sorry.
This is from senpai.
He wants me to get to practice as soon as possible.”

 ”I see, call me when you’re done practicing.”

 After such an exchange, one of them left for the field at a quick pace.

 The other left the classroom, walked down the hallway, and muttered something to himself.

“It’s tough being the ace of the soccer team, huh?

 A cold wind was blowing in the empty classroom.

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