”Ahahaha ” a delicate girl in her youthful exuberance ran across the gardens. ”Ha! catch me if you can ” she was playing with her maids. She was a plain Belle not to pretty but cute and very adorable. ”Ah..ouch! ” she bumped into one of the palace eunchs. ” Han Ting you are a princess so behave like one ” ” Greetings to Princess Han Cufen ” the maids and eunchs greeted. ”Han Cufen don scold her shes still a child ” ”Greetings to the emperor ” they bowed. ”Rise ” ”Uncle! ” Han Ting rushed to hug him. ”May uncle be blessed with longevity and prosperity. ” Han Ting said. ” What a filial child Tiner is ” the emperor praised. Han Cufen looked at them, her brother and daughter playing together. It was such a heart warming scene. The emperor looked into Han Tings eyes, his daughter might be the same age as his niece. Intelligent, youthful. Maybe shes dead or maybe just maybe alive.. ”hmm ” he sighed. Xiaofen was rooted in the spot, her eyes popped out. Marquis Wen was quite a sight! Tall, beryl slanted eyes, broad nose, devilish handsome face, long midnight hair, jade skin and pinkish lips. The prostitutes flaunted around him. He scanned the place and spotted her, he flashed her a beautiful smile that mesmerised the women folk. ”I want her ” they turned towards his gaze and saw Xiaofen frowning. Cute he thought, the crowd muttered. ”Shes cursed! ” Liuying blurted out obviously jealous ”I want her ” he intoned. ”Shes not available, here ” madam Liling pulled Ehuhng towards herself. ”Shes a fine beauty… ” Bingwen glared at madam Liling ”I want her ” he intoned. Madam Liling felt a shiver run through her spine. ”Ahem ” she hid her fright. ”Two thousand ounce of gold ” ”Agreed ” he said without hesitation. ”Xiaofen go,go and pack your things ” madam Liling said. She couldn believe it. She was sold to him!

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