The atmosphere was peaceful, the trees green and tall, the weather was calm and clear, the river was beautiful, colorful with fishes and aquatic life.

A bird flew from a bamboo plant, Xiaotian was playing in the water, jumping, splashing water everywhere, her face was happy and cheerful,

”Look! ” she caught a little grey fish, Xiaofen looked and smiled, her black hair shone in the sun, her delicate skin looked vibrant and her face was gentle, very gentle. Bingwen stared at her, watching her every detail, he was fascinated, she was everything and more.

Lan Ren looked at his master, it was quite rare to see him relaxedand calm. His family looked up to him so he had quite a lot on his shoulder. Being the young master of the Wen clan was stressful and quite dangerous,yet alone a marquis.

Conspiracies and secrets, he grew up in a harsh condition, unloved, unwanted; everyone he knows is either against or trying to kill him, he wanted a simple life but his mother won hear of it.

Lan Ren turned suddenly, the place was quiet, the only sounds they could hear were those of Xiaofen and Xiaotian, He walked towards Bingwen ”Master ” Bingwen nodded in approval.

They traveled along the bumpy road. The carriage had difficulty in moving due to the rocks and potholes.

The forest was dead quiet, the trees blocked the sun rays from reaching the ground making the forest dark. It was quiet and the fog was dense giving a ghastly atmosphere. There was no sound of chirping crickets, or birds.

The guards proceed with caution, it was dangerous at this time and place, anything could happen. Suddenly masked men in black jumped out from the shadows and attacked.

”Assassins! protect the Marquis! ”

The guards fought the assassins, the fight was gruesome and brutal, the ground was gradually covered with blood. With a silver flash, three more guards were down. Blood dropped from the silver blade.

Lan Ren ”F*ck! ”

The assassins were the Black feather ninjas, the hidden assassins of Xiongu army. They were vicious and ruthless to the core. They would kill anything and everything.

One of the assassins approached the carriage . In a flash of light the assassin split the carriage into half. ”Huh! ” his eyes widened in shock.

Their target was gone.

”I hope you are safe master ” Lan Ren whispered to himself.

Bingwen ran through the woods with Xiaofen whiles carrying the frightened Xiaotian. Lan Ren suspected they were followed so they devise a plan to lurk the company whiles they escape through the other route.

They hauled, looking around and realized they were trapped. ”Well, well, well, what do we have here? ” mans voice rang through. It sounded deep and carried a hidden motion in it.

They saw a tall muscular man in a silver armour emerged from the shadows followed by a group of soldiers. ”If it isn Marquis Wen, oh ” he noticed Xiaofen ”And she? ”

Xiaofen examined him. The young man had thick brows and outstanding gray eyes, it held a hint of mischief and malice. His features were handsome in clear way. His posture emitted an air of domineer and arrogance.

”Give up Bingwen you are completely surrounded ” an evil smile creeped on his face. With a wave, the soldiers slowly approached them, wielded their weapons towards them. Xiaotian burst in tears at the sight of the swords, she got scared and hid her face in front of Bingwens sleeves.

Bingwen handed Xiaotian over to Xiaofen and unsheathed his sword. With a resonating sound, the blade of his sword gave a snowy glare.

It was made of the finest metal of high quality. The hilt of the sword from the rarest ore of silver refined with sercet techniques, its brightness only could tell how priceless the sword must be, it have a tassel at the end. It was an ancestoral sword , being hand down from generations to generations.

Suddenly Bingwen pulled Xiaofen to the ground.

Arrows shot from the nearby trees, which killed some of the soldiers, Bingwen fenced them off.

”Shit! ” General Daiyu cursed. Those idiots must have stepped into some kind of mechanism. ”Ha great! you seem lucky today but not next time ” he stormed off, slipping through the woods and vanished.

”Are you alright? ”

Xiaofen nodded, Bingwen tried consoling Xiaotian. ”Careful ” his voice was full with caution and worry.

”Hey ” Bingwen became alert, his eyes darted around. ”Oh no! ” velvet. They were surrounded by bandits.

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