The Curse of the Imperial Flower

Chapter 1; In the beginning

”Look! ”

A young astronomer pointed excitingly towards the sky. He wore a silver embroidered robe, He had fair features and was quite young indicating he was a newly employed eunuch who excelled in his studies.

The astronomers looked in the night sky, tonight seems auspicious ”Look! the Phoenix star is shining brightly ” they mumbled.

An empress was about to be born.

The imperial fortune-teller stared at the sky, Fair features, a prestigious elder and a man with vast knowledge, he stroked his goatee absentmindedly as he pondered.

A great empress was about to be born, this was good news to the empire. But he foresee mysteries and misfortunes along the way, something didn seem right. Unknown to him, history was about to rewrite itself.

The fate of the entire empire was about to began with a single untruth.

A shriek was heard followed by an infant cry. The emperor rushed to his wifes side. His handsome features were slightly distorted. His robes were stained with blood. He looked at his sweat drenched wife, his face was a pool of worry and relief.

The air in the chamber smelt of blood and sweat. He turned to the servant, earnestly waiting to see his child. The empress slowly sat up leaning on the headboard,

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