The Fourth Night Part 2

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Sean and Joyce walked around the food area.
It was clear that this area was not like when they were walking around the ornament stalls.

Joyce seemed to be curious about everything.
She had a unique love for each kind of food.
However, she discovered that the food was very expensive, even more expensive than the finest clothing materials.
Once she inquired around, she found out that Karnia was prosperous right now, but the harvest was not good because of a drought.
The surrounding coastal area with fertile soil and mountains were mostly seized by vampires and black mages.

Joyce then became a little silent.
When she picked up a bag of candied dried fruits, Sean tactfully handed over the coins for it.

“Is that not good?” Joyce smiled sheepishly.
Yet, her hand quickly threw the bag of candied dried fruits into the big bag behind her.

In response, Sean said nothing, but the corners of his lips slightly rose.

Before they knew it, they had bought several large bags of things.
Joyce had a small body, so with several large bags of things on her shoulders, it currently attracted the attention of people in the market.

She traveled through the crowd without being aware of them.
The crowd gradually made way for them, and it was only then that Joyce finally stopped and went back to Sean.

This time, she freed up a hand to grab his hand.

“Stay with me!”

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Sean was startled as he was dragged through the crowd by her.
In the crowded market, his eyes were fixed on the slender figure carrying one bag after another.

“…He was loved by the people, protected Karnia with the God of Light for a thousand years, and was the best king of Karnia.” The vendor selling blankets was sitting on the ground, telling stories to the children around the stall.
“His Majesty, the King, once led the people to dispel the darkness.
If Cassinio is the God of the whole continent, then His Majesty is the God of our Karnia.”

She went to the blanket stall and glanced at the excited peddler with the children looking at him with reverence.
Her lips twitched in disapproval.

They did not stay at the stall for a moment longer.
And as they moved on, there were two white jade carved statues at the end of the market.

Joyce stopped and looked at the two statues in surprise.

The man and woman on the statue were carved with the utmost care as their faces looked like they were blessed from the heavens.
The beautiful girl was held in the arms of the man behind her.

The girl’s eyes were gentle, with hope and life, while the man’s arrogant expression had a superficial smile, like everything in this world was beneath him.

“Is he… your old Demon Dragon King?” Joyce whispered.
Although the man on the statue was as handsome as a god, his statue was built in such a conspicuous place. He is indeed… very narcissistic.

“He is very confident… to actually have a statue of himself built at such a place.
But who’s the girl he’s hugging? Isn’t the old Demon Dragon going to marry Princess Isabella? He’s not going to open up a harem, is he?”

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Sean’s face darkened, but then he controlled it and said in a low voice, “That’s… Cassinio, although it is presumptuous to talk about the gods, he is indeed an old and narcissistic guy.
He even added this statue himself.”

“…” Joyce smiled awkwardly.
“So… who is this girl?”

Sean looked at the statue.
His eyes were gentle and longing, as if he was looking at a vast river of time for an old friend who had been separated from him for a long time.


“She is?” Joyce asked perplexedly.

Sean glanced at her.

“She is?” Joyce asked again awkwardly.

“The former God of Light.”


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“Mhm.” Sean looked back at the statue of the girl.
“Former because she gave up her own divinity to save Karnia, turning the original God of Darkness into the God of Light.”

“God… God of Darkness? So…” Joyce heard him and her eyes fell on the statue again.
“So Cassinio… is the current God of Light? And the former is the God of Darkness?!”


“… And this statue, he personally added himself to it?”


“…” Joyce stared at the man behind the girl and suddenly had a new understanding of this god.

“You Karnia men are really… One is so shameless that he adds himself to someone else’s statue; and the other is obviously an old bastard that is thousands of years old, but he still wants to vainly marry a young and beautiful princess!”

“…” Sean’s face darkened instantly.

“So, does the old Demon Dragon have anything he is afraid of? Like garlic? Or cockroaches?” As Joyce thought about it carefully, she muttered to herself, “I need to be prepared ahead of time… What if one day, on a whim, he wants to kill a few vampires as a sacrifice to the heavens.
What should I do…”

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Joyce walked a few steps before she realized that Sean had not followed her.
She noticed that Sean’s complexion did not look well, and quickly explained, “I’m just trying to protect myself, but I don’t want to hurt that old Demon Dragon.
Also, you’re different.
You are better than this indecent, unruly god and that toad—the old Demon Dragon who wants to marry the princess and eat swan meat when he is more than a thousand years old!”

“…” Sean’s face grew darker.

Joyce didn’t know the reason for it, so she quickly laughed and said, “It’s not just much better, it’s exceptionally better, you’re exceptionally better.”

But it was obvious that Sean was still unhappy, so Joyce spoke in a softer tone, “We bought a lot of ingredients today.
I’ll cook delicious food for you when we get back.”

Just as she saw Sean’s dark expression clearing up a bit and was about to talk to him about what to cook, a slight cool breeze quietly blew past them.
Joyce froze.
In a trance, the bags she carried on her shoulder fell to the ground.

Unexpectedly, she smelled blood that was scattered very faintly in the cool breeze.

She subconsciously turned to look towards some place at the end of the market and without realizing it, she briskly walked through the crowd to that direction.

tarararawr’s rararamblings: I’ve never read Cassinio’s novel so I might get some details wrong.
Anyways, if I’m being completely honest, I’m more so here to see when Joyce is going to bite Sean’s neck…

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