The Eighth Night Part 2

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“…” Joyce gritted her teeth.
“Fine! I know you are a minion for that Great Demon Dragon! I won’t talk about it anymore, okay?!”

Joyce stopped talking and squatted down angrily.
She pulled out the weeds at her feet as if all the weeds were Sean.

She was taking it out on the weeds, but she saw the man next to her gracefully squat down and pull out the weeds next to her.
Joyce’s somewhat angry expression slowly disappeared.
She smiled and looked at him.
“Are you here to make up with me so soon?”

“Who…” Sean stiffly raised his head at her words.
However, looking at her eyes that were curved into a smile, he swallowed the words of denial back into his stomach.

He looked down and stayed quiet.

“Have you heard?” The farmers on one side were whispering, “I heard that Princess Isabella of Saidan arrived at the capital, but His Majesty did not greet her.
How could the princess put up with that when she is born with a silver spoon?”

“How can Saidan compare to Karnia? The King of Karna is the best king in the world.”

“But I have heard that Isabella is the most beautiful person in Saidan, and she is King of Saidan’s beloved daughter.”

Joyce listened carefully to the people talking about what was happening in the capital.
She had her doubts about it.
Without a doubt, Isabella should have received a grand reception when she arrived at the capital since she was the female lead…

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But how could the King of Karnia not even hold a reception for her?


Joyce lightly poked the little knight beside her.
She used a voice that only they could hear to ask, “Is your King… suffering from a curse?”


Seeing that he didn’t understand, Joyce explained, “For example, did he become old or disfigured from a curse that can only be lifted by a kiss of true love from the princess?


“I see that I’m almost right.” Joyce saw how Sean did not speak, and felt more and more sure that she was right.
Thus, she made a logical analysis.
“Don’t be fooled by how he is avoiding the princess right now.
He will definitely be different from the way he is acting now.”

“Be different?”

“It’s just…” Joyce scratched her head searching for the right words.
“It’s just that you shouldn’t be fooled by how he didn’t go see Princess Isabella.
It might even be that he took an oath to never fall in love with the princess, but that will come back and bite him in the butt.
It won’t be long before he falls in love with the princess and loves her to death.”

“…” Sean paused.

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Joyce patted him on the shoulder firmly, with a confident grin from ear to ear that meant: “you don’t believe what I am saying now, but you’ll get it later.”

Sean frowned slightly, but then heard a farmer calling out to them cheerfully—


“It’s the apple harvest right now.
Madam Joyce, would you like to try some apples with your husband?”

They brought over a basket full of apples and handed an apple to Joyce.
The man’s words made Sean frown and purse his lips again.
He was about to say something, but Joyce grabbed his arm and took an apple with a smile.

“Thank you!” There was a bright light in her eyes.
“Apples are his favorite!”

Sean glanced at her while her eyes were firmly fixed on the apples.
In the end, he said nothing at all.

After taking an apple, Joyce excitedly rubbed it with the hem of her jacket and handed it to him.

Sean didn’t take it.
“You can eat it.”

Joyce did not speak, but her eyes were full of anticipation.

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Sean could clearly see that she had no intention of eating the apple first.
Nonchalantly, he took a bite of the apple.

As he expected, he heard Joyce ask, “Is it sweet?”


It was only then that Joyce took a big bite of the apple and ate it with delight.

The farmers observed their interactions and wore a hearty smile.”You two have such a good relationship!”

“…” Sean chewed in silence, not knowing where they saw how they had a good relationship.

In the evening, the considerate farmers invited them to stay for dinner.
Joyce was naturally very happy, and helped them out.
The atmosphere was full of joy until the food was served.

Joyce looked at the table full of splendid food and used her knife and fork like everyone else.
Sean was not interested in the food on the table, but sat down with her.

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Just as Joyce was cheerfully eating with everyone, her knife and fork suddenly fell to the ground, and she covered her lips in surprise.

“Madam Joyce, are you okay?” a farmer asked with confusion and concern.

Joyce lowered her head.
She continued to cover her lips without answering.
Everyone kept on asking questions out of concern, but Sean had caught a glimpse of her fangs under her hands.

He was stumped.
Vampires exposed their fangs only when they longed for blood.
It had only been a few days since the last time Joyce had blood, so there was no reason for such a response.

The farmer’s wife sitting next to Joyce approached with concern, and it looked like she was about to lower her head and ask if she was okay.
Joyce retreated, if they discovered that she was a vampire…

She was looking a little flustered, but Sean gently put his arm around her shoulder and helped her to her feet.

“Sorry, my wife is not feeling well.”

When the farmer’s wife heard this, her eyes flashed with understanding.
She was pleasantly surprised and exclaimed, “Your wife is pregnant!”


Joyce, who quickly followed Sean’s lead to stand up, slipped and nearly fell to the ground.

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