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The First Night Part 1

Joyce rubbed her painful arm.
It took her a long time to figure out what was going on in front of her.

She had transmigrated.

She was in the manga that her middle school sister treated as a treasure everyday and repeatedly read it more than a dozen times.

Her sister was about to take the high school entrance examination, so she had temporarily confiscated her sister’s manga and promised to return them to her after the high school entrance examination.
She had flipped through it and ridiculed the king welcoming the knight and the interactions between the knight and princess… and then she transmigrated into this manga?

Right now, she was holding the pitiful princess in her arms, and the handsome knight was standing in front of her and had drawn his sharp sword at her.

She had seen this scene before.

At the beginning of the manga, Isabella, the most beautiful princess of Saidan, grew up to be cherished by thousands of people.
However, she was coveted by the King of Karnia.
It was rumored in Saidan that the King of Karnia was an evil dragon who had ruled Karnia for thousands of years.
King Saidan could not bear it, but because of the disarray imposed by Karnia, he had no choice but to have his daughter marry the dragon.

Karnia was not like Saidan.
The continent of Karnia was vast, but it also contained evil and mysterious elements.

Arrogant black mages and vampires hidden in the dark… were still alive in secret while the dragon ruled.

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In order to protect the princess from them, the dragon sent his commanding knights to pick up the princess and bring her to Karnia for the marriage.

They were now going through the first crisis of the journey.
The villainous vampires kidnapped the princess in an attempt to use her to threaten the King of Karnia to release the seals on the first vampire, Cathy.

The knight would then break into the vampire’s territory and rescue the captive princess.

Joyce felt that the manga had a hero rescuing the damsel in distress trope that was undoubtedly a bit cliche, so she abandoned it.

But right now…

The princess and the knight were here, but how did she become… the vampire who kidnapped the princess?!

When she had totally failed to wake up from such a nightmare, the underlings behind her seemed to notice her distraction.

“Your Highness Joyce, don’t hesitate to use her to threaten the King of Karnia to return the whole continent to darkness.
That is our world!”

Joyce returned to her senses and looked at her underlings behind her with a complicated expression.

“Is the Primogenitor strong?”

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“Of course.” The tall but deathly pale man behind her looked at her strangely.
“The Primogenitor  is the strongest vampire!”

Joyce did not let go of the princess’s neck.
She looked at the vampires surrounding the knight and wondered, “…Then why was she sealed?”


” ”

Joyce saw that he had held back for a long time without an answer and her mind suddenly came to a realization.


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