The Chaotic Exor

Stronger than before

The car horn woke me up. I opened my eyes and see the white ceiling of the room. My consciousness was not fully gathered. I was trying to remember what happened last night. I remember! That voice! The scary voice penetrated my heart. Last night was a wonderful but scary experience. I was not sure if last night was a dream or really happened.

The three things were still there, I tried to do the same as last night, but this time nothing happened. I threw those things angrily. I decided to take a shower and kicked last nights experience out of my mind. However, when I took off my clothes I was surprised, all the wounds on my body magically disappeared.

”Damn it! What happened to me? ”

I couldn hold my mouth when I saw this miracle. Something did happen, but I still don know what really happened. What makes my body change? I could only seek the answer slowly.

At 08.30 a.m., I was going to the city park. I remembered the last time I went here was a year ago when I was dating Stephanie. No, maybe it couldn be called a date, just strolled together. Today, Stephanie and her family will be leaving this city and moving to the capital city. Stephanie had told me that she wants to meet me at the city park. Maybe, this will be our last meeting. After all, she will become an Exor and live a different life from me.

By the way, this day was the day that I must paid the monthly instalment. Of course, I had the money to pay it, but if I do that, I didn have enough money to fulfil my daily life.

After waiting for fifteen minutes, finally I saw car belonging to Stephanies family. Stephanie was coming out from the car. I waved my hand to make sure Stephanie saw me. After that, Stephanie noticed me and walked over to me.

”Good morning, Kevin, sorry I am late, the road was jammed, ” said Stephanie as she sat down beside me.

”Its okay, I just got here too. ”

”Am I bothering your holiday? ”

”Its fine, I don have anything else to do anyway. ”

Of course, I lied. Uncle Bens restaurant was very busy on holidays. I can earn some extra money if I decided to go work today. The reason I chose to be here was because Stephanie was more important, after all, she would leave soon to the capital city.

Stephanie pursed her lips, she glanced at me and asked, ”Do you remember for the first time we meet? ”

”Of course, I remember. It was my first day in elementary school. I was very shy at the time. I could only sit in a corner alone and watching my classmates interacted each other. You were the first person who starting the conversation with me, ” I answered.

”Wah you still remembering it, at the time, you were still cute and innocent. ”

”Do you mean I am not cute and innocent anymore? ”

Stephanie chuckled, ”You have changed, for the better of course. ”

”But I feel you haven changed. ”

For me, Stephanie was Stephanie. She was grumpy, hyperactive, loquacious girl that I now. In other side, She also kind, brave, and smart girl.

Stephanie crossed her arms in front her breast, she titled her head and said, ”Really? I feel I have changed a lot. ”

”Changed? You mean your boobs? Of course, that changed, you weren kid anymore. ”

”Tsk, thats not what I meant dumb. ” She hit my chest lightly.

After that, she took a deep breath.

”Weve known each other for a long time. You are my best friend since childhood, you are one of the most important people in my life. We have many memories that I will never forget. However, our path may be different starting from now. I couldn refuse the opportunity that I face. ”

Stephanie was showing various emotions. Maybe she also knows that our status was too different, especially, when Deacon of Salvation Church discovered she was the Gods Child that they were looking for. Being an Exor was something that many people dream of. Her choice to become an Exor was understandable. Because being an Exor was more important than me.

”Of course, someday I will comeback here. When that time comes, no matter what changes happen to us, I hope we could maintain our friendship. ”

I hope so, but the reality, when Stephanie became Exor, we didn life in the same world anymore. Beside it, I didn think I could maintain my sanity when you weren here anymore. The one who will change when we meet again might be me.

”Yes, I am promise, no matter what will have change, I always be same. ”

Stephanie smiled to hide sadness in her heart, ”See you later, Kevin. ”

”See you later, Stephanie. ”

In the end, I still hide my feeling to her.


After meeting with Stephanie, I went to the hospital. I went to the hospital not only to visit that astard but the main reason was to paid the hospital bill for this month. Fortunately, the hospital gave me relief after I showed poorness certificate. Now, I only need to pay half of the actual bill.

I didn buy anything this time. I went straight to the hospital. After arrive there, I quickly paid the hospital bill on the administrator. Then, I visited my father in his room. I saw him comfortably lying on the bad while sleeping in a dream.

It had been a year since he was hospitalized. However, he showed no sign of healing. On the other hand, he was not dying either, I expected his illness kill him, but it didn . for a whole year, I struggled to find some money to pay the hospital bills. Not to mention the debt that belonging to this bastard.

My burden might be higher if I didn have a scholarship.

Suddenly, I remembered that this bastard had death insurance. Before turning into a bastard, my father used to be a civil servant. Even though his monthly salary has been revoked since my father was dishonorably discharged, his death insurance was still active.

I felt something strange happened to me. Why would I even think about killing him? Oh, I know. In the past, I restrained myself, I didn want to destroy my life. But now, my life had already destroyed since Stephanie will move to the capital city. There was no thing that restrained me again. Now, I could do whatever I want to do.

Realized that, I had decided to kill my father.

I approached him, I took the pillow and put it on his face. This bastard didn have access to the oxygen. He was getting uncomfortable; he shifted his body. I strengthened the pressure that made his body twitched. He tried to take the pillow off his face, but that was useless.

After half a minute, He finally died.

”In the end, the only one that was keeping me normal was Stephanie. ”

Kill was something that normal people would never think about it. On the other hand, I killed my father, even though he was a bastard. Instead regret, I felt relieved, as if all the burden on my shoulders had disappeared.

From now on, there was no more moral that restrained me, I will live according to my own will. Welcome to my new life.

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