The Chaotic Exor

The beginning(3)

Oh shit! I was supposed to go home earlier last night. Now, I woke up belated. Last night, I was working in Uncle Ben Restaurant, but, because the restaurant was receiving special customers, the restaurant was closed later than it should be.

Unfortunately, this day was very special. As a piece of news had reported, The Salvation Church was coming to my school. Teachers had been warning the student to arrive at the school at the right time. However, they would to keep their reputation.

I opened the door in a hurry. I closed it and ran. The last train that will go to District Priddge, where my school place is, will depart soon. I was pacing my run, but someone was blocking my way. So, I stopped immediately and said, ”Put your ass aside, man. ”

A second later, I felt one palm gripping my neck. I felt it was hard to breathe. I was trying to let the grip off, but no matter what I do, I didn have enough power to free my neck. The grip was harder than before. I felt my head was dizzy and my chest was heating. Fortunately, before I lost my consciousness, he let off the grip.

Soon, I breathed faster. When I was puffed, the person who grip my neck forced my head to look up at him. I could see some bald youngster that had a snake tattoo on his neck. I know him, he was Freddy. He was a gangster who work for a moneylender that lent my dad amounts of money.

”You really brave to say that, little punk. Keep your mouth, or I will beat you till you followed your dad to the hospital. ” Freddy let off my head. I stepped backward.

”You know why I am here right? ” said Freddy. He stretched his hand with an opened palm.

My home was mortgaged by my dad, and even if I didn want to pay the debt, but I did not have another place to stay. So, the moneylender allowed me to install the debt. Freddy came here to insist on an installment for this month.

”I don have money right now; you should come back here 3 days later. That day, Uncle Ben will give me my salary. ”

I worked in Uncle Bens Restaurant on the night shift, Uncle Ben gave me a salary every month on the date of the 15th. Even though the salary was not high, but it was enough to fulfill my life. But the debt and hospital bills made a lack of money. I must do a side job due to that.

Freddy embraced me and whispered, ”If you didn pay the installment for this month, I and my gang will beat you so hard. ”

”Ok, I know that Im late. ” I pushed him away, after that I was running and left him behind.

I hope the last train did not depart yet. I hurriedly ran to the station at a full speed. I could hear people cursing me for running in a crowd. I just could apologize to them. After several minutes, I arrived at the station. I was strolling to the ticket window.

”One ticket to Priddge District please. ”

”I am sorry sir, but the last train had already left. ”

Fuck! Freddy bastard.


”You know what time it is? 09.30! You late 30 minutes! I couldn expect some will ignore our warning, ” Mr. Redrick was looking at me angrily. The gate was already closed. As a Teacher of Guidance and Counseling, he was standing in front of the gate to ensure no student was attending the school late like me.

”I am sorry Mr. Redrick, I am left behind by the train, so I must go with another route. ”

”The Salvation Church has already begun to give the lecture, as a punishment to be late, you must clean the teachers room. ”

”Okay, Mr. Redrick. ”

”Go, remember don be late again. ”

”Ill remember that. ”

I slipped into the school after Mr. Redrick opened the small gap in the gate. I could see the students were gathered in the main square. They were lined up neatly according to their respective classes. There were several people in front of the students, I believe they were Salvation Church-people. The person who gave a speech is a Deacon of Salvation Church, I know that from his clothes.

After walking through the hall, I arrived at the teachers room, coincidentally, the teachers room was near the main square. So, I could see and hear the speech from the Deacon of Salvation Church. After that, I brought a bucket of water and a mop to mop the floor in the teachers room.

”As I said, our purpose is to find the Gods Child in this school, The Salvation God has already given to us a revelation about that. So, we will guide Gods Child properly. So, they could use the power of Salvation God. ”

The Gods Child again … The Salvation Church was lucky, there were no other religions except The Salvation Church itself in this city. Sierra was a really small city and far from the capital city. Other religions didn want to waste their time building a Capel in here. So, they didn have to compete against other religions for Gods Child.

As far as I know. The Gods Child was a youngster who had the potential to become an Extraordinary Worshipper also known as Exor. Exor was superhuman. They were the people who had been planted by the seed of a certain god. So, they could use the part of gods power who had planted their seed. Exor was absorbing natural energy to strengthen them.

The Deacon from Salvation Church talked about many things, but in essence, they were going to test every student, class by class. The first class was first-year class A. As a third-year student, my turn was still long. As the deacon ended the speech, I also finished cleaning the teachers room. All the students had disbanded, except the first-year class A who would be the first class that will be tested.

The class would start soon. So, I put the bucket and mop back in their place. I quickly followed the students who had gone to their respective classes. After a while, I finally caught up with my classmates.

”Yo Kevin, I haven seen you since morning, where have you been? ” the fat teenager asked me. He was my friend, his name was Weasley.

”Im late. As a punishment, Mr. Redrick told me to clean the teachers room. By the way, could you tell me, what Deacons speech was about? I only heard part of it. ”

Weasley shrugged his shoulders and said, ”I don know, man. I don put attention to that. I think its something about Gods Child or whatever is that. One thing that I sure, I am not the God Child. ”

”Of course, you are not. If you are the God Child, I will be running around the school naked, ” I said sarcastically. I didn know how they found out who Gods Child was. The popular students might be the ones they were looking for. But Im worried about one thing. What if Stephanie is the Gods Child that the Salvation Church was looking for?

I immediately put that thought aside.

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