The Chaotic Exor

The beginning

[The Salvation Church will visit The Cape of Hope High School, according to the information that we got, The Salvation Church has received revelation from The Salvation God about The Gods Child]

Television noise got my attention, I was watching the news about my school. The Salvation Church and the Golds Child were too far from my life, I didn think the one whom they sought was me. I tidied my uniform. Once again, I checked my stuff in the bag.

”I guess there is nothing that I left behind, ” I said softly.

I opened the door slowly. The Sun Light was bathing my body. Its warmth made my mind suddenly bright. The fresh air made me forget about the problem that haunted me for several days.

”Good morning, Kevin. ”

”Good morning, Mrs. Ellen. ”

Mrs. Ellen was my neighbor, although we didn have a family relationship, but she was very kind to me. Moreover, after that bastard lost his control. Cih! Thinking about it made me sick. I was breathing deeply. I did not want this bright morning to be wasted by a bad mood.

The Cape of Hope High School was the best high school in this city. I felt lucky to become a student here.

”Hei Kevin! Why you didn reply to my message last night? ” a girls voice echoed toward me. I saw her put her hand on the waist. She looked at me with an angry expression. So Beautiful~, I shook my head and dumped out any useless mind.

”Im sorry, I turned off my phone last night, ” I said.

If there was something that could make me smile even if I go to the hell, maybe it was her. Stephanie Emilion, my childhood friend and also my classmate. I had a crush on her. She had long red hair with a couple of emerald eyes that emitted charm.

”Whatever, have you accomplished the homework that Mrs. Jean gave to us? ” asked Stephanie.

I nodded, ”I will show you my homework at the class. ”


It was my third year at The Cape of Hope High School. I didn have an impression of this school. My teacher had told me, that if I focused on my study, I will gain better results. But, focusing on my study was not the thing that I could enjoy. Amassed debt, hospital bills, and maintenance forced me to get some money.

The cringing bell brought back my consciousness. My geography teacher, Mr. James was looking at his wristwatch. After seeing school time had been finished, he ends the class for this day. Soon, the students were running out of the class. They were not patient to go home and took a break after very hard studying at school.

I put back my book one by one in the bag. After that, I was carrying the bag on my back. I walked to the outside of my class. There was Stephanie who was waiting for me. She was looking at me and said, ”Why are you so long? Come on! Go home together. ”

”Uhm, I think not for this day. I will visit my dad, so you could go home first. ” Stephanie always asked me to go home together in her car. At the first, I was rejecting that, but now, I occasionally went home together with her.

”Is that real? Or you just say that because my brother said something to you again? ” Stephanie was looking at me suspiciously. Her brother was hating me, and he always told me to go away from Stephanie. she scolds her brother whenever she knows what he said to me.

”Yes, that real. I want to meet my dad in the hospital, so you could go home first. ”

Hear that, she was expanding her cheeks. Soon, she was breathing and looking at me, ” Ok, then, I will go home. Be careful and see you tomorrow. ” Stephanie was waving her hand while walking away from me. Her figure was blurring by the afternoon shine.

There was a long-distance between us, but I didn feel any pressure. Whatever our relationship will end, I was happy ever to know her.


My mom died when I was still a kid. I didn have many memories of her. But I know she was a soft person

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