The Beauty and the beast

Down Fall of Huang Ning

Its been a month since she, Huang Ning was in Japan, She never thought that life would take an ugly turn in just a month, when her own fiancée would blackmail her family so that he could marry her younger step sister Huang Bao leaving her just like that. He blackmailed them that if they marry her to him he will remove his money from their latest investment invested by the Huang family, and also will keep having his affair even after marriage.

To make things easy for her, her grandfather made Huang Ning to leave the country so that she would not have to answer the media. It just took a rejection for Huang Ning to fall from her throne and land hard on her back to face the reality of the situation.

It was her last day in Japan, it was a beautiful country, but she needed to go back to China to make her sister Huang Bao and her fiancee Zhang Feng suffer, to make them payback all her sorrows she suffered during this month.

As she entered A citys airport she saw her best friend Kim Diu waiting for her, hugging her she asked, ”how are you Diu? ” Looking at her and smiling Diu answered, ”I am fine, how are you? ”

”Fine. ”

Looking at Huang Ning sympathetically Kim Diu patted her best friends arm as she directed her towards her car.

Sitting inside both the friends shared their experience, Diu told her all about Huang corps her grandfathers company how they suffered a big loss due to Zhang Fengs stupidity. Truth to be told he was stupid and she herself was handling all their company matters till now but she knew her step sister Huang Bao was not stupid, and she hated her. As they stopped to eat food, Huang Ning asked Kim Diu,

”Sister, how was your shooting? ”

Kim Diu was a well known actress and and Supermodel. She was beautiful and strong. Smiling at her Diu told her,

”Ning my shooting is awesome, lets eat while I tell you all about my costar. ”

As these both females emerged into their conversations laughing at their situations and having their food. They did not know what situation they were going to be trapped into. These both females were exceptionally talented and beautiful in their own fields.


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