To be honest I was shocked by her presence. And for the oddest reason, this woman I knew from nowhere made me feel the heat all over again. I just tried telling myself its probably because Im used to having it however, whenever I wanted but deep inside there was something about her I couldn explain. Pretending as if I didn notice her presence, I walked in to get freshened up so I could get some rest.

I started stripping unphased by her nail digging eyes on my silky skin. Completely naked I walked to the shower to take a cold bath. Here in Israel, it gets hot as the state is tropical, unlike other states or back at home.

I left the bathroom door open as I was in my room, whatever she got she had to live with it, she was the one who decided to invade. I rolled my head back appreciating the cold water beating on my skin as agony lift from my intense breathing under the shower. wondering off to this woman in my room I realize I got hard again. ”aahhh ” I breathed as my hand made its own way to my bulge.

Massaging back and forth I started to imagine her seducing me in this very shower. My breathing got heavier, as I tried to control myself then I had the darkest idea. Call me cruel, but this was my room and I do whatever I pleased. ”AHHH sh** ” I cursed and started fapping even harder trying to sound as agonizing as I can. ”ah, hhh mmm, *** ”swung aback because of the release I was almost shouting, sure my parents could have heard me on the 4th floor. Feeling pleased with myself I finished up and stepped out of the shower. Laughing with my wet rugged, hair naked I stride into my room.

I really thought she would have left but she was still there. I didn say anything tho, just put on my boxers and went into my Khalid Wooten royal bed. My room was the size of a 2-bed room Apartment, living room included, sometimes I wonder if ill ever get used to my life of luxury. She was sitting on the couch next to the bed so she was really close to me. Annoyed by her deafening silence ” What the hell are you doing in here? ” I said without batting an eyelid. Suddenly I felt the undeniable discomfort from her as if she didn even expect me to talk to her.

Was she really planning on just sitting there for the entire night without saying anything?. ”We need to talk, ” she said so innocently yet so demanding. Intrigued I turned ”we have nothing to talk about ”.

Knowing the truth that I couldn run from this, that eventually, my controlling freak of a dad will by force try to do it for me anyway. ”Im sorry my prince I didn mean to barge in but I had no choice but to come in here. Your majesty insisted on talking to you when u arrived. If it was up to just me I would have never even given myself the authority to be in your high presence. Im sorry your highness please forgive me. ” Her voice was so smooth and beautiful if she talked for two more minutes I would have gotten in a trance. What do you want from me? ” again I asked. I…

”I don know what to say my prince, she said with her beautiful face to the ground not making eye contact with me once. I sat up on the bed crouching my face to her level, obvious that my presence was giving extreme authority.

It was a thing with kings in Israel. once you became king the presence of God was always with you. So whenever a king should approach a mere human the authority would be felt and they would get cower if not used to it, especially if you don live in Israel. ”Does it sound like Im making a joke to you? why the hell would you come in here if you don know what to say to me? are you trying to piss me off? now either u say what u have to say or get the hell out of my room! I said in a very deadly tone between locked teeth.

My voice as deep as a mini roaring ocean. I laid back with my hands behind my head and saw her slowly approach the door hesitating, afraid to disobey the kings command, ”shut the door behind you, what are you still doing in here? with sobs, I heard her left and slowly closed the door, ”sorry my prince ”. Anger raid through me as I realized the position my father put me in.

I jumped off the bed and punched the bedpost so hard I swore it was broken. Without caring, I paced back and forth in the room, regretting coming back here. It was the same reason I left and went to California in the first place.

My dad and the bible rules, and the believing in the old testament. Yes, I have been here long enough to see what the bible is made of and what the God he served can do, but I always doubted my existence. I just don think that fathers God loves me, it was a mistake to be born. I never got a message from him, he never revealed himself to me, never talked to me. sigh, I never even felt the presence everyone else talked about. exhausted I went back into bed and for the first time ever, I said my first few words to him. ”Why do you hate me so much? ” a stray tear fell from my eyes and I nodded off in a deep sleep.

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