The Awakening Of The Lioness

The Real Culprit is Someone Else

I was in a cave when I regained consciousness. The men in black was making soup. When he turned to me, he was prince. ” my prince why did you saved me? And did you know that I was a girl. ” he replied that ”I had already suspected it, but I believed it when you had been hit by an arrow. ” ”So why didn you alert the supervisors ”. He said ” Cause I believed that you must have a reason. I was surprised by your powers but what did the fox King said to you that made you angry? ” I told him about my past that How cruelly he killed my parents. He said ” he is just a small dog. The real culprit is behind the scenes. He secretly gets all the work done He secretly gets all the work done. We should be very very careful. ” ” I think that someone knew that I was a girl someone had told the fox king about me but only my brother knew about it but I love him he can do it. ”

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