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Foxes, wolverines, ferrets, and raccoons the size of wolves shoot out from the forest and out into the opening in shades of red and blue, for Riversword is known for its Water Aural Beasts as well as Fire! Their size is an indication that this wave of animals had reached at least mid tier Skin Igniting!

The two sides are equal in number. However, with the combined might of the warriors and mystics, the first wave is cleared away with little difficulty.

Following that is piercing roars and yips. Among the second wave of the former Aural Beasts are Flare Wolves and Vapor Jackals, and most frightening is the high tier Blood Directing River Apes riding on the back of giant Coal Moose!

Fire red wolves and ice white jackals weave in between the warriors, blade ends and arrow tips catching air. Charcoal gray apes scratch and punch from atop their mounts that are like unstoppable moving fortresses. One of the apes goes for a fifteen-year-old warrior girl. She stumbles onto her backside as this combination of forces charges towards her. She closes her eyes with death upon her.

Looking after hearing the sound of skin being broken but no pain to her, she finds the small form of the child who had been with the Hufang Matriarch over her!


For some time now, virtual realities have changed the face of gaming and social connection. Two startups had invested heavily when the virtual reality industry was in its infancy. Neither would have guessed that it would have made them household names practically overnight. Starshine Industries became the number one developer of gaming consoles and helmets. The Blueriver Company became an invincible, legendary gaming organization within the Eastern United States, sweeping through every virtual reality they stepped in for decades to come.

With the tales and drama from virtual reality games well into the social consciousness, the world was abuzz with energy. A new one was going to be released with the claim that it will revolutionize the field.

The newest generation were eagerly rushing to stores as schools let out. Rumor was that Starshine was giving away a hundred thousand of their new helmets in every nation.

Those youths that had already prepared beforehand headed home in groups of ten to twenty. They have dreams of creating Workshops, a team of independent players under one name, and getting popular enough to end up scouted by a company or absorbed into a well known Guild.

Guilds are gaming organizations sponsored by companies or even governments. There are four others that reached Bluerivers level known as Ultra Guilds. Veterans were discussing whether they should play something new or stick to similar Classes they had chosen in the past. Many were eager to make a name for themselves under this new system and possibly end up a member of their Guilds core team.

A sleek black car hovered off the ground as it drove through traffic with precision and speed. A young man in a suit with a drivers cap keeps his eye on the road. In the back seat sat a young teen and his charge. The girl was already listening to every news report she could find.

”Its said that Renovel was created by a coalition of numerous companies calling themselves Orange Ocean, ” A reporter says, ”Its speculated that Starshine is so willing to give away so much of their new gear thanks to government initiatives to create more accessibility and bring up a new generation. Most believe this is because, while still hotly debated, that virtual reality or virtuality games improve brain function and enhance memory. ”

One of those reports was done by a famous Young Adult author and renowned psychologist– ” The other reporter was cut off, as there was a knock on the dividing window.

e home, Ms. Prakash. ”

As soon as the car pulls up, Tara Prakash bolts into her home. Finally, its her fifteenth birthday! Shes finally old enough to play her first virtual reality game!

Her mothers had said she needed to wait when she first showed interest a few years ago. She had been bubbling with excitement for a year and was eager to see the accumulation of the creators efforts. Following her mama Karunas instructions, she quickly changes into her pajamas upon entering her room. Stepping into the game room, the sight of two women greets her as she enters.

”And you
e certain shes not going to get, like, stuck in there? ” Xia Jiang asks, both her and her wife unaware their daughter has arrived.


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