”Eddy,can you be quiet for two minutes?Or I swear to the MoonGoddess ,Im going to toss you out of

the car, ”I snapped angrily.

Eddy shut his mouth almost Immediately and looked at the window to avoid my glare. I rolled my eyes and went back to reading through some packs report

This was supposed to be a serious-meeting to discuss the borders and rival packs. I couldn have anyone Messing this up with their senseless comments.We needed all the packs we could get to form a strong alliance

”Alpha,the Burlington Pack is comingup in T-5, ”One of my pack warrior called out from the drivers seat.

I nodded and carefully placed the papers back in their respectivefolders,before observing the land as we got closer.There seemed to be several houses that formed a giant U-shape across the lands.In the middle-of the rows of houses,there was one that was larger than the rest, which I assumed was the pack house. In the middle of the U, there were several warriors training vigorously under the instruction of the Gamma.

My wolf yipped in approval as he saw how hard they were training.

They can keep up with our warriors for sure.

”So why is the pack name Burlington?Do they have an obsession with Burlington Coat Factory or something? ”

I turned to give Eddy another glare,causing his face to pale, ”What didyou say,Eddy?I couldn hear you right. ”

There was no reply.

”Good, ”I muttered just as the car came to a stop.

My pack warriors immediately got out to grab our bags while the rest of us got out of the vehicle.immediately,Newton and Matthew stood behind me with their arms crossed and serious looks on their faces. Although, Newton lips kept twitching as if he wanted to break into a smile.

I observed Alpha Richmond and his Luna

with a cool look.They both had darkbrown hair,but Alpha Richmond eyes were silver and his Lunas were brown.He had a strong build that showed he wasn someone people could step all over.

He was going to be hard to crack,but it had to be done.We needed this agreement.

, ”I nodded. My head ”

Alpha Richmond also nodded his head as he looked directly into my eyes and spoke to me

”You really look exactly like your father ”

I replied back to him with a Thank-you smile and a proud smile at that,even though I have heard it a million times

Alpha Richmond gestured to his Luna, this is my mate Lucy.

I put my hand out to hers, but she stepped forward and pulled me into a warm hug at this instance I felt too awkward, that caught me completely off guard. My wolf was rolling and laughing at my shocked expression , and i could hear Eddy trying to muffle his laughter behind me.

Then I saw an amazing apologetic smile , ”we
e family of huggers, or at least i am .I didn mean to startle you.

I shook my head and smiled calmly to her

” No harm done ”

She and my mom would get along great.My mom loves hugging random strangers, much to my dad dismay

Alpha Richmond smiled wrly and nodded to a young man standing next to him.This is my beloved son Ashly .

I studied the future Alpha carefully, he had a playful glint in his eyes which told me he was much more laid back than his father,but they was also seriousness to his look,that assured me that he would be a good alpha.

I shook his hand and turned back to Alpha Richmond ,who seemed too confused as he looked around, when he saw my questioning look. He shook his head to reassure me that everything was fine and in total control.

My daughter Mara,was supposed to be here as well. I could have sworn she was right behind us,but she must have ran away as i was lost in thought and my spirit man was reawakened when Alpha Richmond patted on me on my shoulder and assured me that I will meet her soon anyway.

Hmmm so the alphas precious daughter was named Mara .From what Eddy rambled about in the car ,that she loves shopping and she was also a self centered person .

However before I made my judgement.,i wanted to meet her. I once had a first hand experience with rumors, so i wasn going to believe anything anyone said until i saw for myself. I hope you don mind staying in our house

My wolf purred in content ,which made me frown slightly .He must have been on cheap drugs or something ,because he had never made a noise like that before.

Well lets not hang around here my Beta will show you around once youve settled down. I hope you don mind staying in our house ?My mate insisted on letting you guys stay so she could make sure that you all are comfortable. Alpha Richmond said looking pointedly at his mate. She slammed his arms around him making him chuckle

I shook my head in affirmation to what alpha Richmond said . I slammed my head thats fine with us.

”Alright then, follow me ”

I nodded at my pack of warriors ,who quickly grabbed the bags and followed us .As we walked by some of the houses ,many people stopped to stare at us and bow their head in respect.

”I hope they have good food ”Newton muttered in the mind link and Matthew hummed in agreement

Of course said Newton. Eddy couldn keep his mouth shut as he was soliloquizing

” I can wait to meet some hot girls ”

My anger grew to the highest level that I couldn control it , I had to growl at him. Eddy you are nothing but a little pup

Suddenly, I felt something soft run into my leg and looked down to see a pup smelling my foot. I crouched down and scratched him behind his ears

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