The Alpha’s choice

The Alpha\'s Wish

Alpha ,I have the project work on the new transfers. Do you want me to file them? I cracked my knuckles tiredly and stretched my legs,listening to my wolf whine. He wanted to go for a run.

Go for it. I sighed pinching the area between my eyebrows at my ragged appearance.There was no doubt that i look like aged twenty years. I needed a break badly

Suddenly,the door slammed open again as my friend newton pranced in as if he owned my office. I growled at him quietly and he rolled his eyes jumping onto the couch excitedly .newton shared a look with me and went back to the filling cabinet,we both knew he was more excited about potent finding of his mate than discussing rogues

We are I said slowly

Straightening in my seat.

I smirked and said ”I heard that the alphas daughter is hot like really hot. ” .

I heard shes a spoilt brat Matthew chimmed in slamming the file cabinet shut

My wolf growled in my head but I ignored him.He was getting on my nerve with all the growling he was doing ,it doesn matter if shes spoilt or not we are only going there for business purposes only ”newton said firmly ” emphasizing on the word business .

Hey don growl at me .Eddy getting excited downstairs about how Alex is going to bang her as they were eaves dropping to alphas discussion with his friends

My wolf growled louder and i huffed ”look at my wolf is really getting annoyed the last thing we need right now is for alpha Richmond to cut off our agreement because some dimwit couldn keep it in their pants.

The three of them raised their hands in defense.

Alex were all virgins out here except eddy of course.You know that,we only want our mates. Newton said pointedly .Eddy nodding in agreement ”we
e as virgin as Virgin Mary ”

My wolf growled even louder giving me a pounding headache.

I glared at him trying to keep control of my anger.

And you will be a Bloody Mary if you don leave my office now as Alex voice thundered like that of a roaring lion.

Instead of pissing his pants and running like a normal wolf he chuckled and shook his head.

You really need to get laid eddy.

Alex grabbed his stapler and threw it at him making him dive for cover.The stapler landed on the rug with a soft thud and eddy got up yess ….Alex just chill and relax .

My wolf rumbled and he rolled his eyes piss off .Alex maybe you will be in a better mood tomorrow.

I stood up from my chair,growling at his disrespect. Best friends or not I demand respect from all the wolves.

Once eddy skipped out of the way and fast before I started murdering people. My head popped up and warm .Smiles formed on my face as I saw my dad coming into my office

”Hey dad ”

He stepped inside his old office and looked around with approval.when hes eyes landed on me again he beamed and walked towards where I was seated. Well you haven strangled the life out of eddy,thats arrant nonsense , allowing him always carrying on his lasciviousness and hes nonsense dirty talks.He said giving out his his mischievous wink. At that time I knew my father had spoken and I was nothing but a true replica of my father. I am my fathers son whose words were always few and power that cannot be misconstrued and nobody dares challenged the dreaded alpha. I rolled my eyes and walked up to him and hugged him, he patted the back of my head as I leaned it on his shoulder, enjoying the comforting feeling. ”you seem tense son .

A sigh escaped my lips …. causing me to pull away and rub my temples.

”My wolf is killing me dad.

Really son? He leaned against my desk and continuously knocked on the wood approvingly good oak.

I think hes so restless and I really do not know what he is up to. I groaned as my wolf marched back and forth in my head. My dad studied my face for a while .Maybe hes restless because you will find your mate soon.

I hope not ” I breathed out slowly as the pounding got worse.After working so hard to make this pack the most powerful in the nation .I wouldn want any mate to ruin it. I couldn have any distractions or weakness. Cause I knew how hard I had worked for myself to keep my reputation going

Hey son you really have to be yourself and calm down.All you have to know is that ,is always like this. I could remember vividly when my father your grandfather the alpha was at the point of death and he struggled with life just to see me search for my bride,at that age I was so young and also naive I could hardly differentiate good from bad i wasn mentally matured for marriage but i took the courage and became optimistic I promised myself that i was going to get the best bride who wouldn trouble me or send me to an early grave .So I went in search of a bride and luck has it. I met the most beautiful lady,your mother and thank goodness you can actually affirm how beautiful your mother is. But father?

What again son?

Father am really not talking about beauty ,what of the other attributes in a lady like character, and others.

Are you saying your mother doesn have a character?Hahahahahahah no not at all ,father thats not what am trying to say .what i am saying is that i need a lady whose beautiful,smart and hardworking just like mum ,you know that mom is a complete package. Alex dad smiled at his son .Yes son you are definitely right ,just remember that you mom really want a grand child Alex


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