The Alpha’s choice

The Alpha\'s Wish


I became so angry .

My wolf was struggling to be let out and i was struggling to keep him inside.

Calm down right now! My voice roared like a roaring lion.

My breathing became so hectic, as my wolf got stronger with every single minute that passed. The scent of Mara made the wolf urge to be let out stronger.

My fingers gripped the legs of my wolf as I held it tightly causing my knuckles to be white. A loud

groan escaped me


Stay down ! You are not permitted to come out .

He didn care about anyone or anything except from Mara , right now. Which was somewhat good or bad. The bad news was that he was ready to injure or kill anyone standing on his way. The good news was that I could convince him using Mara wolf.

You will definitely scare her, and she won want you.

He kept calm and sat down to think over what I told him . Suddenly newton and Matthew invaded into my room.

And what the **! Are you doing in my room.

e sorry for coming unannounced. We were just worried about you , since you haven been coming out.

Well am fine and you didn have to bother yourself looking for me. I was only trying to have my own quite time . That reminds me where is Eddy ? I haven seen him since morning

Hummmmmmm…. Eddy……

The two stammered , trying to speak up

Whats that for? and what are you both trying to do ?

e sorry Alpha, I guess Eddy must have gone to the wood to reserve some quiet time for himself


Hahahahahahah !! Alex laughed out louder resounding it .

After a while he tried gasping for air, Hummm you can be serious, Eddy cannever be quiet he must have gone out to gossip .

That reminds me you both should get ready to work with beta in recruiting the new park. And we must ensure to win our enemies and bring back our victory .

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and that made my wolf to ruckus, I felt my claws and body

try to hold my wolf.

”Alex open the door! ” Eddy yelled

My claws dig into the wood leaving scratches and piercing my claw . I felt the pain and i let out growls

Get your ” Fucking ass in and stop banging my door ” Eddy entered inside looking so perplexed . Newton, Matthew and Eddy stared at each other continuously

Where have you been and where are you coming from? I actually went to the garden to get some fresh air and while sitting I met some hot mates , ”There were damn hot and I didn waste much time in talking to them.

The funniest part is they are all friendly and soft and at the end of our discussion we had to play some adult games.

What adult games are you talking about! Eddy, hope you didn do anything funny to jeopardize this relationship we are already having with Alpha Richmond, you have to stop whatever you have in that naughty mind of yours before you put us into trouble, do you want him to see us as irresponsible men and risk our Alpha opportunity of marrying his daughter Mara.

Do you really know what that means , you are a full grown man and you should be able to comport yourself, in a time like this , and categorically list and do away with those things causing you to wander. You also have to keep your mouth shut to avoid our enemies getting information from you, which can also sabotage us. I don really have to say much words but i hope youve gotten my message Eddy?Newton asked gazing at him

Eddy placed his index finger on his head as he nodded his head in affirmation.

Sometimes I really have to blame myself for the leverages I gave to you Eddy, and you are really abusing this rare privilege I had given to you and sooner or later I will definitely withdraw it back from you, and then treat you as my subject and not as my best friend.

Mathew and Newton laughed out foolishly on Eddy who was just standing and looking at everyone like a moron

Ashly interrupted the conversation as he was panting furiously. Alex were surprise to see Ashly in that manner looking so horrible and perplexed.

”Whats the matter Ashly and why are you looking so stressed out ”?.

Just sit and stop panting and tell me what the matter is , I guess the other park has invaded our territory and if that be the case i can inform my park warriors and I ensure you that they are going to capture all of them alive.

Thats not it Alex!

So what the matter? I hope Alpha Richmond , your mother and Luna are all okay?

Ashly kept quiet , trying to gather the right words at the moment. What s the matter and what keeping you too long to speak. Apparently you are making my heart beat faster than you think and you know thats dangerous, because that could lead to an heart attack and when that happens i wouldn forgive you , so its better you speak up and stop trying my patience, i really hate when am trying to be calm and also run out of patience. I don have much time to waste.

Please Alex you have to be calm and thats the main reason I just didn want to tell you In a haze and trying to look for a suitable way to say what I have in mind

If you aren going to say any word ,why did you come here to see me ? I guess you wanted to know if Alphas can also be emotional ?

Not really just th….at.

Just that what? What are you trying to say

Mara just passed out but we have called the doctor and he will soon be here, please get ready and come to my sisters room

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