Arabellas POV

When people say that life is anything but easy, they say the truth. They are saying that by their experiences, we should believe them, it will not change anything but will help in handling and understanding the situation better in we are . Like in my situation, I was rejected by my mate because I was not good enough for him. Hes the beta of my old pack and he has claimed my stepsister as his mate. Telling about my suffering to others will not lessen my pain, its quite easy for people to tell about their suffering but in real its the exact opposite in actually going through that pain and dealing with them.

The pain I have been feeling since my rejection is more than a physical pain. When I was a kid I used to cry whenever I felt pain in my body but now I want that pain to come to me so that I can forget about the pain which I always feel in my heart. Rejection is just like a slow poison, killing you slowly slowly. Like I am dying slowly slowly everyday.

Its not just about seeing them together its about the feeling that he is with her even when he knew I was her stepsister, his real mate. It hurts like hell when the only person who is supposed to love you, support you and look out for you turns his back to you.

Anyways, its not like crying can change anything. Neither me not my mourning over him can change my situation so I decided to change myself, not for him but for good, for my goodness.

It has been whole two and half years since Logan has rejected me, I do not want to recall that day, but visuals of him rejecting me always haunt me during my nights giving me many sleepless nights.

After the painful rejection, I wanted to distract myself so I started working in an elementary school as a third grade teacher so it can help me in easing my pain and also kids bring me joy and happiness.

Being independent and around kids have helped me a lot. I try to stay happy and joke around my friends a lot. Some laugh at my jokes and some wonder(only those who know about my rejection) that how could I be happy when my mate has rejected me.

I left my old pack after I graduated from college and came to Moon Cresent Pack, where my maternal family lives.

I was born out of a one night stand. My mother got involved with my biological father before she met her mate and because of that I was born. She does not know about his whereabouts and even his name. Three years later after I was born she found her mate, My stepdad and they both have two children and I was long forgotten. I was just a mistake for them.

I still do know anything about my biological father, wish I knew who he was, maybe my situation has been different.

Anyways, I have a big day ahead of me as today is the sports meet competition in my school and I have worked hard to help my students for this competition especially Sarah, she is adorable and has a sweet voice so instead of taking part in any physical activity she decided to recite a poem on the stage. Also Sarah is the daughter of the Alpha of our pack. Her parents adore her a lot.

After getting dressed I went downstairs to make breakfast for myself. After having my breakfast I packed lunch for myself and cleaned the kitchen counter and headed to school.

It is a fifteen minutes drive from my home to school by car. I bought a second hand car after working as teacher for six months and with the help of my maternal uncle.

I like driving and also I hated using local buses there was just too much rush for me.

When I arrived at school, I parked my car in the parking lot of the school and went to the office to sign for my attendance. After that I went to my class and greeted the students and took the attendance register out from the almirah to take the attendance of the students.

When I was in the midst of taking the attendance I heard someone crying, I instantly got up to look out who was crying, when I move forward I saw Sarah bawling her eyes out under her seat. I went near her and pulled her out of the seat and pulled her onto my lap and hugged her ”Sarah, baby what happened ” I asked her as I wiped her tears and in return she just hiccuped and hugged me again. I hugged her too and asked again ”Sarah, why are you crying, did anybody say something to you ” . Once she calmed down I heard her murmuring ”I am scared, What if I forgot the poem that you helped me in learning. My parents will hate me ”

She was scared of reciting the poem in front of so many people. ”No Sarah, nobody will hate you, not even your parents. They love you and they will be pr

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