*The Alpha

stupid! stupid !


Uhhhgg! Making sure only my hand goes out the safe warm covers to the icy land, in search of my phone. Patting my desk, that is placed next to my bed. Nothing. What? My voice comes out like a frog. Now both hands and arms out in the cold searching. Oh wait, I don have my phone. I sighed, curling back into my cocoon.


OH MY GOD! What the hell is that noise! Springing out of bed, my body immediately engulfed in goose bumps. Stumbling out of my room I follow the god forsaking beeping to my brothers room. Should I open his door? Oh there could be so many unsightly things in there. Taking a big gulp I harshly pushed the door open, eyes closed. Peeking out of one eye I see my brother sprawled out hugging his covers. Next to him his phone alarm going off, flashing 06:55. Jeez, why so early? Hitting him over the head with his pillow that I got from under his head. Nothing but what was I thinking if that beeping didn wake him up nothing will. Turning off the alarm I leave shutting his room door behind me.

After being in bed for 15 minutes and now I can hear my brother noisily waking up, going to the bathroom, brushing his teeth, stomping downstairs, pouring cereal and milk out into his bowl.

Why do you hate me god? Can I have a peaceful day anymore? Opening my wardrobe I pick out black sports leggings, though I won be doing much sport in them, a white strap top and a navy blue very large hoodie. Hair in a high ponytail.

I am going to work now! My brother yells from down stairs.

Okay! Wait can you leave your keys, I lost mine!

Um sure!

Slam went the front door. Food time !

Blasting the radio, and dancing on the kitchen tiles I make my breakfast of some misshaped pancakes. Sat eating in my armchair I turn on the news. The bottom of the screen shows the time, 8:45. Shit! I am late. Looking down to my lovely babies I shrug its worth it savouring every mouthful. Pulling my trainers on and tying them as best I could, which is quite shocking. I pocketed my brothers keys in the hoodie and walked off to school. A nice leisure walk.

Greeted by a pacing wall of a person. Black flopping over his face, his hands running through it keeping it from his face. I took a sharp intake, making a loud noise. Once I saw his eyes, they were Heterochromia. One blue and the other one brown. Wow I whisper Ive never seen anyone with those eyes before. His jaw looked like it could cut through anything, even Edrics attempt at making homemade bread. To call him a god would be an understatement, his muscles flexed in his a bit tight white t-shirt. Oh my my mouth hanging open, surely some drool, to add to my crazed look.

Anything I can help you with? He said with a smirk on his lips. His hand scratched an itch at the back of his neck. Increasing the amazing view. His arm raised meant the bottom of his top lifted showing a sneak peek of his toned body. Caught staring again, our eyes meet.

Oh no! Just going to school. I said while miming walking on the spot. I am so embarrassed, why Phoebe? Why? Its such a cruel world!

Laughing well go on then he gestured for me to go first.

Oh no you. You were here before me. He didn move, so I did. So how come you were outside? I asked, swinging my arms back and thought as we walk together down the corridor, me in front of him walking backwards.

Just getting some air. How come you where late?

Pancakes. I said casually turning around to walk forward. A smile played on his face. He looked down, shaking his head, making me grin widely.

Today class we will be- oh miss burrows! And Mr may! Its very kind of you to join us. Mrs Clem gestured for us to take a seat. Taking the last empty table, I pulled the stool out. Don forget to work with your lab partners taking the chemistry set out the tray sat on my table. I follow the instructions Mrs Clem wrote on the whiteboard. Emmett, go sit down! My view blurred by the goggles, I can make out Emmett standing at the front near Mrs Clem. Looking down and sticking out his bottom lip. But Mrs Clem, I wasn in our first chemistry lesson. So I don have a partner.

Oh well…. Her blue eyes landed on me. No no no! Please, god please I am fine working by myself. Why don you go sit next to Phoebe, she doesn have a partner either. As no one picked her. Oh thanks for the last part Mrs Clem, so unnecessary. A cheeky smile plastered on his face as he basically skipped to me. Hey partner. He whispered. Ugh! Not you again. My focus is all on carefully pouring an oil coloured liquid from a test tube into a beaker of see-through liquid. Rising it with a lollipop stick and pouring the cloudy liquid into the graduated cylinder. So what are we doing? This time closer to my ear. Flinching, nearly falling off my stool. I scowl. His innocent eyes sparkling. Bitch.

He was there all day. The bitch wouldn leave me alone even when I was by myself i still felt his eyes staring at me. Because of him I couldn get my daily dose of honey nut clusters. Lunch time all in the line his arm kept brushing on mine, once we got to the food he handed me my usual – sandwich, chocolate milk but no ginger cake today. Making me confused as all day I smelt ginger cake. I must be really craving some. He tried to get me to sit with him and his friends but I said
o. and walked off up the stairs to my little place.

Miss phoebe burrows to the office please! The loud speakers echoed as I just punched the straw through the foil on my chocolate milk. Walking, taking sips of my milk I reach the desk smiling at the lady with the straw in my mouth. She pointed to the right. Standing there was DI Godfrey ?

Hello, miss burrows. I am here to inform you of your report-

Oh have you found him? Or have you got any leads? … hav-

Miss burrows if you let me finish.

Oh umm …. Sorry.

Thank you. Back to what I was saying, we have discussed it and due to low evidence and low danger, as you are stood here right now, we have decided not to look into it –

What ! You can do that! its your job, its what you get paid for, to protect and hold out the law!

Miss burrows! We have decided not to look into it as of yet, as it doesn show signs of a high risk case. Then he was gone out the doors and in his stupid police car. My hands wet, looking down I saw my milk carton smashed and bent in my hand. Chocolate milk running down. Drip …. Drip …. Drip …

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