Tempted By His Brother’s Bride

Present time. When fire meets ice

Maxwell finally looked away from the documents that had been handed to him forty minutes ago. He looked around the conference room, his gaze falling on every executive seated around the table.

The weather forecast had said it would be sunny but it was worse than expected. It was almost thirty degrees outside, every one wished to be anywhere but here. Their jackets were all drenched with sweats but they dare not show their discomfort around him so as not to lose their jobs.

Maxwell on the other hand had taken off his jacket and had a small rechargable fan faced in his direction. The breeze blowing small locks of his brown hair backwards, his white shirt only buttoned halfway leaving his well tanned chest visible to everyone.

”What is this? ” He demanded angrily. The question was thrown to no one in particular and the executives all exchanged fearful looks, their eyes begging each other to take the blame.

He threw the files and the papers scattered everywhere in the room, his chest heaving from exertion and anger. His mouth was tight with displeasure and a muscle in his jaw flexed as he waited for an answer from them.

”No answer? ” He asked.

The hurried sound of papers shuffling was the only noise being made in the room as the executives hastily went through the documents, trying to find the reason behind Maxwells anger as they knew better than to defend themselves without knowing the root of the problem. Two minutes went by and the sound of shuffling papers reduced and yet no one could determine the cause of the problem.

The door opened and a lady presumably in her early thirties walked in with Maxwells eldest brother behind her. She shut the door behind them and plodded gently over to Maxwells side like there was mud on the floor. Mrs Palmer, Maxwells secretary had to stand by his side until the meeting was over.

Maxwells eldest brother, prince Howard. The crowned prince and vice president of their company (Royal Dankworth a.k.a RDW.) Howard and Maxwell has never been best of brothers, they were always in each others necks, a thorn in each others flesh.

”Brother, its nice to see you, ” Howard said. He leaned close to one of the executives and asked in a whisper if the proposal was accepted, the executive shook his head and Howard frowned. ”Whats the hold up with the investment? I proposed it myself. ”

”Is that supposed to change anything? ” Maxwell asked nonchalantly.

”Investing on the Adams is a very good deal, ” Howard urged. ”It will bring us lots of profits. ”

”What it will do, is get them off your back. The company will not be involved in your stupid gamble settlements, sort them out yourself. ”

”I am the vice president, your eldest brother and the crowned prince. Do as you are told. ”

”What is this? the eighteenth century? ” Maxwell chuckled. ”Need I remind you that I am the senior vice president and I do not give a damn if you are my eldest brother and the crowned prince, we are not in the palace. ”

With that, Maxwell got up from his chair and headed sluggishly to the door, he stopped halfway to the door.

”One, you did not go through the files just because it was proposed by prince Howard. Two, you had the chance to be honest and come clean, ” he resumed his walking and without stopping, he said ”Terminate all their contracts and set up a meeting with the new executives on Friday. ”

They all sank into their chairs in despair, there was no point running after him to beg for their jobs. They were all well aware of how ruthless and unforgiving he was, Howard walked out of the room with out glancing at them for even a second.

They slowly took of their jackets, the heat was the least of their problems now as the waves of unemployment came crashing on them.

Howard ran after Maxwell and caught up with him at the elevator.

”Leave. ” Howard said to Mrs Palmer, She looked at Maxwell to ask for his approval. He nodded in affirmation, she stepped out of elevator and bowed till the door closed.

e getting a little ahead of yourself with your flashy Senior vice president title. ” Howard stated.

”You think so? ”

”Oh yes, because you know its the one thing you have that I don . ”

Maxwell smirked.

”Is it now? ”

”Of course. ”

”I believe I have a lot of things that you wish you have. ” Maxwell declared.

”Certainly not, name one thing you have that you think I want. ”

Maxwells hand traveled slowly to his buckle, his eyes darting from his to Howards, a small naughty and taunting smile played at the corner of his mouth.

Embarrassed, Howard cleared his throat.

”You might be a few inches bigger than me, doesn change anything. ”

”Whatever do you mean? ” Maxwell asked, his eyes mocking Howard. ”I was only showing you my belt, its one of a kind. Rare leather, only two in this world. ”

”Bastard, ” Howard cursed under his breath. ”My fiancee will be arriving at the palace this afternoon. Endeavor to attend her welcome party this evening, miss it and risk getting on mothers bad side. ”

The elevator door opened and Howard walked out before Maxwell could think of what to respond.

Maxwell groaned inwardly, he had completely forgotten about Howards fiancees welcome party. He was supposed to go home and have a nice cold shower and have a nap but now he had to head to the boutique to get a nice suit for the event. He didn understand why it was so necessary that he attends, especially when it wasn his bride. He dragged his feet behind him tiredly as he headed to the parking lot.

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