The war finally came to an end, Maxwell and his men could finally return home.

Home wasn a place, it wasn the palace where he grew up in but it was a person. Home was his red hair bride, soulmate and soon to be wife.

It was a victorious battle but not without some of his men, his companions falling to the cold blade of death.

He rode on his horse slowly with mixed feelings. The men he had lost were peoples husbands, sons, brothers and fathers. He would ensure their families were handsomely compensated.

The weather had been unseasonably warm, and it was his betrothed favorite weather. She always spent most of the morning supervising the servants as they went about their various duties in the palace. She loved being outdoors, working in the garden or overseeing the spring planting and harvesting of the remains of last falls remains, then she would retire to her chamber after ensuring that the midday meal was served.

She loved silk materials and he always ensured to get her one whenever he came back from a journey. This time he had gotten her 6 yards of red silk material from the palace of kingdom he had conquered. It would be an early wedding gift from him to her and it would go well with her red hair.

The way her emerald eyes lit up whenever she saw him and the way colour always crept up her cheeks whenever he whispered in her ears.

”Whats with the smile my prince? ”

Maxwell looked at the young man riding beside him. Simon Contress, his best friend and one of the bravest, loyal and strongest warrior. All his other men in the Army refered to Maxwell as Your highness or Captain but Simon always refered to him as My prince when they are outside and Maxwell or my brother when they are alone.

Maxwell let out a hearty laughter as he felt his cheeks get hot.

”Perhaps my prince is thinking of lady Anne? ” Simon asked.

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