With everything in play and in line with their plans, it was now the time for them to execute and do it to the best of their ability. Dorothy, being the heart of the Kings mission, she knew that she was a step ahead. Indeed, Jessicas guess was not a guess after all! She never seemed disturbed by the news told to her by Jessica because, she heard someone tell her earlier. One morning after the King had left for his expeditions, Dorothy demanded for the Captains presence in her private chambers.

Upon the Captains arrival into the palace, there happened what could never have been thought of even to the off springs to come. With the Kings absence, there was no much movement in the palace. They had the perfect time to be together without much suspicion and eyes on them.

Their greeting alone was a sign of not only two people that longed to be together but, also for those in deep love! Dorothy, being an offspring of the royal blood was not to have an affair or be in any relationship with the other people but only those of royal blood. The others were only meant for pleasure and service to the palace.

Joseph, though a Captain was never from the royal family. His position came after he had triumphed the obligatory tournaments at the arena. He was announced as the gladiator. The best and most skilled amongst all other warriors.

After his triumph, Dorothy, daughter of the King requested him to the palace to offer her pleasure. It was then that they met, and what was meant to be just pleasure turned out to be love. Joseph was later chosen as the Captain by King Guantai, but he never knew about Josephs affiliations with his daughter.

He was the one that had sent a messenger to Dorothy while she was away to let her know of what the King was doing. That day, they had the whole world at their feet. They satisfied their want for each other and pushed their love to the limits.

Besides it being a taboo for those of the royal family to be in love with the rest of the people, love was truly a closely guarded secret. The people shared it in secret and with great caution. A man and woman would only sleep together to bare children. It was also their duty to please the royals, nothing more. To those of royal blood, it was just a way of life and a rite of passage through marriage.

Afterwards, both were fond of each other and they got to matters at hand. Since everything was ready and the warriors set for an attack to Lampa, their plan was to slow things down. This was to make sure they had enough time to plan and execute an inter-mission slowly. Though love was a source of trouble for many, one would wonder why a Princess, already in power had her love affair kept a secret. Not known by others but her and the Captain.

With Martin as the King, she had a reason to keep it so. Even if Martin was her brother, love was a word not in his dictionary. Secondly, besides her emotional part of this love for Joseph, she knew that, Joseph was not the type that liked to see people being tortured. He was a lover of peace. This is a thing about women; they need not much time around you to tell who you really are. She wanted to use that to get him play by her bidding against her brother King Martin.

She acted as one to share common interests with the Captain. She complained to him how harsh her father and brothers rule was. In fact, this spark ignited their love for each other.

The mission was for the Captain to ensure no victory during the first attack. Nevertheless, a chance for them to convert as many warriors as possible would present itself before the second attack.

After they were done with everything, it was time for the Captain to leave the palace. They could not stay any longer to raise any suspicion or risk of being seen. He left Dorothys chambers and hurried his way down the stairs into the main hall.

Jessica was still making her effort to prove her suspicion. That day, she had much work and she could not be with the Princess until the afternoon. As she was working, she noticed less movement in and out of the main hall and to the Princesss chambers. Knowing that Dorothy was in the palace, this raised her suspicion and, she decided to check.

On her way, she met with the Captain at the base of the staircase. They were both shocked upon each others encounter. He greeted Jessica and proceeded out. She stopped him to inquire of what had brought him to the palace in the Kings absence.

He told her that, he was from Dorothys chambers to deliver a message and that she was okay. Later, they both got back to their business. The Captain headed out while, Jessica proceeded to the Princesss chambers. This time, she got an associate to Dorothy and hence, the might be reason for her behavior upon hearing the news.

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