The days after which King Martin had sent the Captain, the son rose in the opposite direction at Lampa Kingdom. The King woke up to a nightmare of the surprise visit by the Captain and warriors from Kamu Community. This was a spell of doom to the people of Lampa. Upon arrival at the palace, without much to say and more to add to the message, the Captain opened his mouth in alter of the message from King Martin.

”I and my warriors from Kamu Kingdom salute your highness. It is with much honor and need for peace that we stand before you and this throne. We come to deliver a message from our King to your highness. May you allow us to speak this message to fulfill our duty to our lordship King Martin? ” uttered Captain Joseph.

”I, the King of Lampa Kingdom, on behalf of my people salute you as well. I offer you welcome as I give hear to this message that you bring forth from your King. You may speak my son. ” King Kangethe responded.

”King Martin requests you to surrender the throne and the rule of your Kingdom to him in favor of peace and in fulfillment of yours and his fathers dream. To have both Kingdoms under the rule of one monarch, ” spoke Joseph to the King.

”Go back to your King and tell him that, I have received the message and, as much as I wish to honor this request, my wishing for peace trends a different path and my peoples want for my leadership comes first, ” King Kangethe ordered.

”In that case, there is not more for us to say but head back to our land with this message to our King. If my opinion would count on this, I would say there is need for a discussion, but, since my King does not share these same views, expect another visit and this time not as friendly as this, ” said the Captain.

”Thank you for warning us my son. Do not lose hope for, if you surely believe in the gods, all things are possible. One day, there might be a discussion and all this will be over. Fare thee well, and may the gods grant you a safe passage back to your Kingdom, ” concluded King Kangethe.

Later, they were escorted out of the gates by Lampa warriors and headed back to their land. From that very moment, things changed. It was time for Lampa to do what was best in favor of their Kings rule, want and need for peace, and safety of their Kingdom.

King Kangethe was a dreamer for peace between the two Kingdoms. He also knew that such was to happen before peace but he never thought of it during his reign. Without much time to waste, it was time the people of Lampa knew of this turn of events.

Their Kingdom was at stake and they had to do all it took to protect it. It was not an easy thing to say to people who had lived full of peace and hopes for better days in the future. It was the most painful thing King Kangethe had to do in his reign.

During other battles in the past, the warriors had to meet at the Nturu plateau and settle the scores there without endangering the women, children and animals. This time, he knew all were at risk. Time had come for all the people and those of royal blood to come together as a swathe of warriors to fight for their land. This got into the books of history of Lampa as well. The people and those of royal blood shared and exchanged ideas in readiness for the great task ahead of them. A task only the warriors would do.

It was a real depiction of what it would be like if people ruled not in respect to tradition but with respect for tradition and value for human life. As these preparations and discussions were in progress, some of the people came with an idea. Since the Kamu warriors were still on their way back, they suggested to follow them and attack Kamu during the night when they least expected it. This way, their chance of victory was high and their families would be free from danger.

King Kangethe acknowledged the thought to be a brilliant one but denied its execution. He believed one could not prevent war and pain by causing it to another without any reason for cause. Therefore, they had to wait and be in guard until Kamu attacked them first. This way, they would fight to protect their land and families, which was a reason enough for battle.

Captain Joseph and his warriors were still on their way back to Kamu. As they rode, one of the warriors by the name Mwithali was busy asking questions to the Captain.

He turned to look at the captain, ”Captain, what do you say of King Kangethes reaction to our message? ”

Still looking ahead, ”He did what every King in power is required to do in such matters, ” replied the Captain.

”So, he did what was right! Surely, had he not a better chance by letting it go? King Martin is not one to stand against. He doesn stand a chance! ” said Mwithali.

He looked at Mwithali, ”I do not say what he did was the right thing, but it was the best he had to do. You need to understand that as a King, one has a throne to protect, people to rule, a name to protect and show courage to the people to keep trust and have them believe in you, ” said the Captain.

”A Kingdoms fate and success depends on the wisdom of the King in rule, ” the Captain added.

”From what you say, who are you in favor of, and, don you think you are betraying our King? ” Mwithali continued asking.

”No, I am not betraying my King neither in favor of any. I am just in the line of duty performing my duty, ” said Captain Joseph.

”Well then… I wish King Martin would buy that! What a boring life it could be, with no women at ones disposal? ” said Mwithali in response.

”Can you ever think of anything without women? You disgust me my friend! ” said the Captain.

”You know as well as I do that we can live without women. You can avoid that fact, ” said Mwithali.

”Of course Mwithali, we cannot live without women… but, not for such reasons you think. Women are for us to love and cherish as wives. Not harlots… just to cure our sexual desires. Look around you, not another Kingdom does this to their women. We must catch up with the rest. You should be ashamed of yourself… man, ” replied Joseph.

”And you call that what… civilization? I would rather have not that civility than have no women at my disposal, ” said Mwithali in response.

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