prepared so well for this war. Martin was ready to take over the rule of Lampa Kingdom. Were it not for the fact that, Captain Joseph and the Princess had a plan to lose the war in order to have a chance to play their game, Lampa was to sing a different theme song the following morning.

After hours of sword exchange, Martin realized that his warriors were losing the battle and called it off. He commanded the warriors to retreat and warned King Kangethe that it was not over. That was just but the beginning and that he should prepare for worse next time.

”Oh hey to the gods, ” sang the people of Lampa Kingdom on the sight of Kamu warriors retreat. It was a glorious moment that none had expected, a time best for those of less faith to the gods to jog their memory. Much blood had been shed and a lot of death but, the end of the battle was a reason to wear a smile.

Martin was not satisfied at all why his warriors had to lose like that and demanded an answer from the Captain. The retreat was not a weakness to him but he just had to save the horde to fight next time. For the very first time, Martin had to break his own code, no retreat no surrender.

Lampa was left to pick up the remains of what used to be their peaceful home and Kingdom for mending. The dead were buried with honor and those that had lost their loved ones were comforted. Sorrow was all over Lampa but the comforting factor was that they fought to defend their land, possessions and the rule of King Kangethe. All this was still at their reach after all.

Captain Joseph expected a rough time from the King. He knew that they were together with the Princess when planning all that, but it had come a time when he had to face Martin alone. The King needed an answer as to why his battalion let him down the very time he needed them most.

As if that was not enough, Mwithali, the nagging warrior was at his back. He started the questioning of what went wrong and who was to blame for it. The Captain, in rage told him that he was not obliged to answer to him and if he needed somebody to blame, it was the whole battalion.

”Joseph, what happened out there at the battle field? I thought, we were supposed to win the battle? ” asked Mwithali.

”You tell me friend, you were also at the battle field. You should be aware of what happened such that, we had to retreat, ” replied Joseph.

”In case you forgot, you are the Captain and it was your duty to see the warriors to success. Unless, you are not good enough to be Captain, ” continued Mwithali.

”Look here my friend, I am Captain and we lost the battle, I don think I am to blame but, all of us as a horde. After all, I am not to answer to you anyway. A word of advice; just mind your own business, and, get off my back friend, ” said Captain Joseph.

”Okay. I am minding my own business, but do not forget that you have a question to answer to the King, and, we the warriors will not be there to help. How do you think it feels not to be Captain? You better find out this soon enough, ” said Mwithali.

”You will die in wait for you to be Captain and for me to be deprived off my title. I do not see how someone who does not control his own life can lead warriors to war. Youd rather do something about your life first, ” said Joseph.

”Well, I hear you friend but, I was just trying to help. Success in your case and hope you lead us well next time, ” said Mwithali.

”You better do friend, and by the way, if I was King, people like you I could hung for being such a looser. Good Luck, ” said Joseph.

”You don have to wish me luck. Save that for yourself. You need it more as you answer to the King, ” replied Mwithali.

”Just go to hell. Go to hell! ” said Joseph to Mwithali.

”I hope to find you there first partner, ” replied Mwithali.

The thought of blaming one for the failure of the whole force was an indication that, Mwithali had some hidden agenda. The Captain told Mwithali. Just as he thought, days later, he was summoned by the King. He was required to give a statement of why the warriors had to retreat and not win the war.

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