Upon her arrival into the chambers, Dorothy was shocked by Jessicas visit. Dorothy asked her of where she was and why she had visited even without notice. Although it was weird for Dorothy to question her visit, Jessica claimed to be checking on her. It was her duty as the chief maiden to check and make sure the Princess was okay.

Due to the little span of time between the Captains departure and Jessicas arrival, the Princess was sure of one thing. Jessica and Joseph must have met somewhere along the way. This was no good news to her bearing in mind the many secrets that needed to keep secret.

Though Jessica was so close to her, she was not at a position to know about her relationship with the Captain or the mission. Without any further waste of time, Dorothy came up with a way to lower the heat in the room.

”I believe you have come across the Captain on his way out as you were coming? ” asked Dorothy.

”Yes my princess. I have met him just after the stairway. He has told me that, he is from delivering a message to you as well as checking on you too, ” replied Jessica.

”Thats true. He had come to inform me of their training headway. Thats all! ” responded the Princess.

”Aha! That is fine. You know I was afraid that they were bad news; may be an emergency. I never thought the Captain would see you for such matters! ” Jessica said.

”You know, you are right my dear. He did not come for that only. It has been a couple of days since I gave him the task of capturing what people and the warriors say about our rule. He is to report to me after every week. The King knows not of this though, ” said the Princess.

”Thats a brilliant idea my princess. Well then, since I found you doing well, I will be on my way. Excuse me, ” replied Jessica.

”Thank you for your concern Jessica. Indeed you are loyal and a true friend. You can leave, ” concluded Dorothy.

Jessica left the room and headed back to her work. During this talk, they both had things to find out and others to hide. Jessicas clue of Joseph being the inside man became less convincing and things got more complex for her. On the other side, the Princess knew that even if Jessica had suspicion, she had nothing after the talk.

Joseph, though a Captain, he knew something for a fact as well. He was from the peasant and less influential origin and, he believed he was one until death. He knew, with time other warriors would emerge as heroes and when that happens, his Captainship would be over. Once that happened, he would get back to being an adherent just like the others.

Therefore, as the others were praying to the gods to change things, he prayed too. Besides, he believed that the gods gave him the chance of power to change things.

After the Princess told him of this plan, he was very happy and knew that things were about to change. He was not much after the interests of his lover but the end of torture to his fellow underdogs.

He also knew that, his love was at stake once he was deprived of his Captainship going back to being a devotee. With him as a follower, it would be hard to meet his lover, the Princess.

He knew seeing her after would raise concerns to her brother the King. He wished for people to have freedom to love. He also wanted other people to have the opportunity to feel the joy of being in love without having to look over the shoulders.

Did this mean that, even Joseph might have fallen in love with Dorothy for the sake of his people and peace? As this question was yet to be answered, everything seemed to be in motion and in the right direction. The people knew not of what was happening except for the Kings plan to attack Lampa Kingdom. Though they knew it was hard for him not to win, it was a cloud of darkness to their hope.

Apart from the hopes of peace in their land, they also wished they had rather been sold to Lampa Kingdom as well. It was not the best but it was better to be in Lampa than Kamu. King Kangethe was not as harsh as King Martin was.

For sure, these people were no less than animals and beasts of burden. Just like animals and other possessions, they too were taken to the market to be sold. It was a time when penny was of worth than a persons life.

Humanity was surely under the feet of those in power. The size of the shackles around their neck, arms and feet during a market day said it all in black and white. If a donkey and a peasant went into the palace mistakenly without authority, believe you me, they would rather wish to be the donkey. It was an era of much pain and suffering and it needed to end.

Every time the Captain thought about it, he was worked up and was ready to do everything in his might to see his mission go through. He was tired of seeing innocent people suffer oppression by those in power only because; they had no royal blood flowing through their veins.

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