Chapter 4 : Way Back


Before even I could finish my sentence, the boy fell unconscious. He looked almost around same age as mine…. maybe one or two year younger. But first I had to take care of the one who was being manipulated by the demonic creature.

Just by looking at the amethyst pair of eyes of the boy, I could anticipate the one, who was responsible for it was the Lunar fox.

They are E level demonic creatures, which carry features of both, beast category and mage category, and are specialized to work in shadows. Their features and abilities are not best suitable for charging the opponent at front, so instead they group up with other demonic creatures and lure the targets out by using their hypnosis ability, and once the ability takes effect…. theres no way to escape. The victim under control don even get a chance to struggle and walks directly into the death trap.

But every Demonic creature had their limitations and in case of these lunar fox, its that they can only possess a single target at a time.

Right now, I must bring this boy back to his senses and release him from hypnosis so that I can fight without holding back.

Actually, there are 2 ways by which you can avert the hypnotism of a demonic creature but in case of lunar fox its specifically 3.

First…., Hypnotism of a demonic creature lower than you in terms of rank won work on you, until and unless the demonic creature is a pure mage category.

For example, a D Rank Martial will have no effect of hypnosis casted by an E rank demonic creature like of a lunar fox.

second…., in case of lunar fox, the possession is casted through its eyes which when meets the gaze of the target, takes effect. So, the most formidable way to confront and counter a lunar foxs hypnosis is to prevent direct eye contact and focus on other part of its body while fighting to keep the track.

This method so far, is only applicable for lunar fox. Other demonic creatures use different triggers, spells and arrays to manipulate their targets.

And lastly third…In this one, its not upto you to break the hypnosis, but if any other martial or subordinate, of Higher rank than the demonic creature who is controlling the target, channelizes his aether force into the target and disturbs the flow of his aether circuit in body for a moment, then the hypnosis can be broken.

And with this, without wasting any minute, I raised my right hand and pressed it on the shoulder of the boy, who was grabbing the unconscious boy by neck.

I closed my eyes and concentrated for a second and focused on the flow of aether in my body and in the next moment, I was potent to visualize the flow of grey energy from the tip of my toe to the top of my head and then I focused it on the edge of my palm and fingers which I placed on the shoulder and forced it into the body of boy.

By doing so, I could imagine the body of the subject felt an unexpected shock, but its tolerable and a little by little, his grip over the other fellow loosen and both of them, instantly fell on the ground on their knees.

By releasing the hypnotism, I made assure the lunar fox won be able to use the boy against me as a hostage or some kind of diversion.

The current state of the two boys was miserable and if not aided soon, things may get out of the hands. Their whole bodies were covered with nothing but injuries and blood and at spots, the wound was too severe.

The boy with blonde hair had his right leg almost crushed. It was surprising that he resisted to this extent, regardless of being in such a terrible state and after losing such aggressive amount of blood. Same could be said for the other guy with black hair.

If I had arrived here even a second late, then things could have gone really out of hand but this time…

With this, I released my killing intent with cold glare on the Ghoul right in front of me, whose forearm I just sliced in two.

It was so intense for the Ghoul that he frightened, I can assume it from the change in expression of his face and his shivering steps, holding back.

The four other ghouls, standing facing my back weren too aware of the situation but also felt ominous and held a few steps back.

Using this moment, I took out the healing pills, completely green akin to a gem and quickly feed them.

They aren of high grade, but strong enough to stop bleeding and heal internal injuries of body to an extent.

Doing this, I made sure that they are out of danger for now and so that I can fight with these ghouls without any distraction.

These ghouls rank varies from E to D level and the one in front of me right now looked to be at D level. They are very aggressive and are specialized in direct combats. Though there claws and fangs are really tough and can be destroyed easily with any weapons, they do have weak spots at joints at elbow and thighs, which are comparatively muscular and can be damaged with ease, with precise timing and a threshold force, just like I did a moment ago with the Ghoul standing right in front.

But now, first I have to flip the situation and turn the tables in my favor.

Currently, Im being surrounded from all directions, this can make things vulnerable for the unconscious ones. I must create an opening first and then proceed with attacking other demonic creatures and prevent their reach away from these boys.

The ghouls may have stepped back for a moment, but knowing them, I knew it won last long and they will counter attack soon.

I must take out the most enfeeble one to break the pattern, which is the one in front, whos affected most by my intimidating killing intent and also lost his one forearm earlier.

So without wasting a second, I grabbed my not too long, thin, pewter sword placed in the auburn sheath, tightened on my waist through a belt.

”Mystic sword art….. first technique– ”

I dragged the sword out of the sheath a little and changed my stance, with sapphire aether leaking out of my body.

[Raging Slash] — and with this I charged towards the Ghoul, leaving behind the trail on surface of ground, formed by the thrust of my feet while pumping up.

Before the Ghoul could react, I swung my sword diagonally, in such a way, its whetted edge was slicing through the air and then it slashed the ghoul along its torso in a single move…

the slash was so clean and sharp that, at first no blood leaked out from the spot but in the next instance, his upper body severed and fell on the ground with surge of black blood, akin to a mini fountain, streaming from his lower body which remained rigid on the ground.

Even though I slaughtered the Ghoul in the blink of an eye, I found my heart restless, like there was something uncanny about or around but disguised from me.

Maybe its just my delusion, so abandoning the thought for now, I pulled my focus back onto the foe.

This all happened in just a moment for the other ghouls, so instead of filled with fear, they were more confused and their bodies raging with hostility towards me.

All of them looked same as the Ghoul earlier, D level demonic creatures and further analysing my surrounding, I found I can use the rubble and walls around to my advantage in this situation.

But Rather than the surroundings, my gaze were more fixated on finding the clue of magical portal through which the demonic creatures passed the other side but to my surprise, there was none around….

In the midst of my absorbing all the information, a loud and powerful roar pierced my ears. It was coming from Ghoul who was raging and could attack any moment.

I didn acted instantly at this, but was looking for an opening, a pattern, for my sword art to finish multiple demonic creature in a single move.

The ghoul, desperate, clenching his fangs which were eager to crush me within them, raised his forearm.

Due to lack of luminosity in the area, my vision was not the best but still I saw the Ghoul, exerting aether into his feet which then…grew more and more muscular, even the ground beneath them was trembling due to the pressure and then in the blink of an eye, he charged towards me with an astonishing speed, leaving behind a crater on the ground and his claws stretched out to rip me apart.

Preventing myself from being reckless, I took long breath with a sigh…..

”Mystic sword art… third technique ”

My whole body wrapped with a thin layer of azure aether, extending to the tip of my sword, visible to naked eyes.

[Destructive Waves] I whispered faintly…. just like the thunder hidden in the cloud.

And In the next moment, I vanished from sight and appeared right beneath the left shoulder of demonic creature, avoiding his sharp claws. Being caught off guard, the demonic creature agitated and when, for a second, his gaze met mine, the killing intent from me was fierce enough to disturb his movements and without getting a chance to even react, he found his head severed from its trunk.

His remaining body continued the motion due to inertia but then fell on the ground with staining the ground in black.

But my movements didn stop there and continued on to the next target.

Even though the ghouls were aware of my target, still they were unable to protect themselves, this was because of my fast and smooth movements which were almost unpredictable to them and with this I swung my sword and eliminated another ghoul with less to no efforts.

The key for these attacks were timing but if I charged recklessly, I may receive casualties too.

Still, with each attack, the ominous feeling was growing more and more within me but still finding myself unable to grasp its roots made me a bit frustrated. It felt like someone was keeping an eye on me and analysing my each and every move.

But first, I should concentrate more on the enemy right in front of me. Now the number of demonic creatures was reduced to three including the lunar fox.

Then, I observed the remaining two ghouls… among which, one was standing rigid, maybe confused, like nothing happened but I couldn anticipate whatever he was scheming but then, my sight fell on the another Ghoul, who was positioned ahead, with his feet trembling and his expression gone completely crazy.

As our glare met each other, I could tell what his next move will be and in the next second I charged towards him as it gone exactly as I expected. the Ghoul had already turned around to escape.

Though the distance between us was considerable, my speed was far superior to him, so catching up to him was a piece of cake. I followed him to the end of the street which was blocked at end.

I must finish him before he could jump off the wall because he flew over, the situation can get messy.

I increased my speed and as soon as I found him within the range of my sword, I aimed for the thighs and as I was about to launch my attack, all of a sudden, I felt an attack charging towards me and I quickly turned my head and it was a stream of ghouls saliva, just like a water cannon, targeted towards me…. I could tell my body will melt if I got strike by it so in the mid-air, I rebalanced my body and flipped to dodge it and I was successful in dodging it but just barely.

The acidic stream, moving past over me, thumped the Ghoul who was attempting to escape and then in just a few seconds, his whole skin on the top melted to his bones. It was so rapid that I can assume the Ghoul won even feel the torment of being burnt so aggressively.

”So it seems you were the one responsible for my restlessness. You are quite good at keeping disguise…. I will give you that ” — I said while turning to him, with my cold glare, which were piercing right through him.

Just to take a rough idea of the strength of this mysterious ghoul, I charged at him straight at maximum speed.

But still I couldn notice any movement in his limbs…..this made me a bit hesitant but I was sure not to let my guard down.

Deep down, I knew he was following up with my movement but even then there was no significant reaction and as soon as I reached him and raised my sword, it was then he rushed, so quickly, that I almost lost his track for an instance.

And till the time I landed back on the ground, the Ghoul was completely vanished from the spot.

This wasn all, I could feel the drop of blood from my left cheek, leaking out of a slight cut.

”So this was the trump card you were hiding all along…. but its a shame it won last long ”.

I turned to the ghouls direction, and then little by little, the face of the Ghoul unraveled, just like a blooming flower, like its face was nothing but just as peel over a fruit and it was then, dozens of tendrils like black whips emerged through it, waving in air, which seemed to sabotage anything in its path.

Even those whips were covered with sharp pointy spikes, which seemed quite untenable.

And in the next moment, he launched all those lashes in my direction.

”I thought this would go longer but it seems you were just all talk in the end ”.

”Mystic Sword Art…. fourth technique ” —

[Silent Shadow Steps]

With this, my presence completely vanished from the sight, without leaving any trace behind and this time it was even difficult for Ghoul to predict my movements.

I rushed in between of those lashes and carved a path by dodging them and deflecting some of them with my sword.

As I was passing in midst of them, the afterimages which followed behind, made things more turmoil for Ghoul simultaneously and then my feet stopped, right behind the back of the Ghoul.

All those lashes, in an instant, chopped into pieces, each around 5 to 6 inch long but that wasn all. Both of his forearms were severed from his shoulders, splattering black blood all over the surface and with this, he fell on the ground on his knees and slammed it through his chest.

After using this technique, my aether reserves were somewhat consumed but still I will have no problem in going on if the situation calls.

I raised my sword and pointed it right above the chest of the Ghoul and a steady stream of blood followed from the spot, where I stab him.

”It seems the only demonic creature left now is the lunar fox ” — But before that, I must check up on the boys if their condition is any better or not.

I moved in the direction of boys, both were still unconscious but I lifted their wrist and pressed my fingers on the nerves below the palm. Their pulse seemed to be normal and their breath was smooth now.

The fatal wounds also stopped bleeding so the only job left for me was to drop them to a hospital.

But Before I could decide what to do next, I heard a faint roar, and as I turned around to see Its source, my gaze fell on the site, where the Ghoul whom I just stabbed a moment ago, and to my surprise he was vanished from the spot.

”Seems you will be a headache until the end ” – I sighed and sprinted to catch up to him.

I used the features of location to my advantage by advancing through the roof of residences and barren apartments.

As I was rushing, an uncanny thought was arising inside me – ” Im sure I stabbed him in the right spot… then how hes still alive? Is he not a D level demonic creature but higher? No, his strength was nowhere to be compared to a C level demonic creature. ”

Before I could process my thoughts, my sight locked onto the Ghoul, moving faster than earlier to escape.

At first I tried to follow him without getting noticed but it was then, I spotted a violet energy floating in the air, emitting mote, glowing particles at its circular boundary.

”So this is the portal, these Demonic creatures entered through ”.


Everything around me was nothing but darkness…. absolute black. Where am I? what did happen earlier? I slightly remember images of me and Max following the mysterious sound earlier in street on our way back…. but what happened after that?

I forced my brain to remember but it seemed I just fainted at the spot…. No, it was then I remember, spotting a giant cat or fox like creature on the top of the next building and the last thing I remember was when I looked into her amethyst eyes.

The darkness around me was slowly fading as I was finally gaining some of my senses and was potent to open my eyelids but my vision was obstructed as dim light particles were bombarding directly into my iris.

My body felt heavy, like I was being crushed under a boulder and as my eyes adjusted its vision, the sight I witnessed frightened me.

A huge beast, like a wolf, his mouth stained with blood, was standing right in front of me with his scarlet red gaze penetrating right through me.

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