Chapter 4 Alex apologe

After searching for the whole day Jordan and his men could not find the children he was very tired by the time he got home he was warred that his sister was in danger now , so when the boss called him he got scared but after answering the phone the boss just said he should forget about the kids everything was taken care of he was relieved to know that but also worried that Ruth maybe dead he did not want this to happen but he had no choice.

When Ruth work up she was surprised to find herself in a big room it looked beautiful she smelled thinking it was all a dream but her though was cute short by a dip male voice , ” it was not a dream little girl all the bad things that you are thinking was a dream it all happened ” she looked at the man without a word.

” I found you and your friend in the forest I did not hand you over to the police because the people who killed your family are going to look for you to make sure you are dead so am trying to protect you am sorry for what happened to you I have watched the video Ruth I know what happened to you and your family it was bad ” the man kept talking Ruth was just looking at him quietly.

” Say something Ruth if you want revenge I can help you I can help with that I have money and power in a few years you can get the revenge you want if those people get arrested they will still come out of prison or even escape person and look for you they will kill you, your family what ever they are now they will hate you for not getting them justice do you want that Ruth? ” Ruth did not move she was like a dead person .

” All I get it you are still affected about what happened to you don worry I will call the doctor for you , ” the man stood up he looked at the girl for a while then he left he went to a boys room he was sited when the man came in he just looked at him and look outside the window.

”So whats your story boy? I want to know so that I can help you, ”; the man talked trying to make the boy open up to him , help? ” a short laugh came out of the boys mouth ” no thank you I have lent the way the world work mr you don want to help me but take advantage of my genius you probably know by now that I have a big bran and am smart . ” the boy was still looking at the window

” You can be smart but you have no idea on how to differentiate between your friends and your enemies I will help you and Ruth to get revenge am spiking from experience I lost a son too the doctor will be here soon to help you, you both went through a lot, ” the man worked out the boy just looked at him again then he faced the window looking at nothing in particular.

After eating in there room the kids were visited by the doctor a boy was given a female doctor named Susan and Ruth was given a male doctor named Martin a psychiatrist was needed for the kids because of what they want through they where emotionally damaged.

Doctor Susan was going to be looking after a boy she nocked at the door she got no answer so she just entered ”hi am doctor Susan a Psychiatrist and you are? ” the doctor greeted friendly ” My name is Alex what do you want , ” the boy answered his eyes at the window again, ”can I have a site please, ” Susan asked again ”sure you can, ” Alex answered. ” am here to help you please cooperate and answer my questions can you do that Alex? ” doctor Susan said ” yes I don have any choice after all so what do you want to hear doctor? ” Alex was not impolite but it was like he had lots a will to live ” I want to know everything you went through Alex open up let it out what happened for you to be here where is your family? ” doctor Susan asked.

Alex was the only son of a wealth family, mr Alexander Ndrovu was rich but it was difficult for him and his wife to have a child they tried everything but it was the same results the doctors told them to wait, because of there blood type it was going to take time for them to have children and sure enough it took them ten years they had a child Alex they where happy.

When Alex turned five years old he was sent to America to visit his uncle he stayed there for two years when he came back he was very intelligent he could hack any computer he started going to school he was soon noticed by teachers he was loved by anyone because of his intelligence but two months later there was a robbery at his house his father and mother where killed he was taken away by a man called Don.

Don used Alex for his advantage he used him to huck computers and still his business partners information and still money from people when his men go for a robbery it was all for his benefits Alex was intelligent he New what was going on he new from that day he was going to be a machine to help people and now same one is saying he just wants to help he smiled on his own, the boss was watching on the other room he new the kid will be a problem but he was going to try make him trust him completely.

The doctor was quite for same time she looked at the boy he was small he is supposed to be in school now not this Alex was emotionless when he was telling a story it has been half a year since his family died but those people could not let him forget they kept on reminding him all the time.

When this was happening in the next room Ruth was still not talking the doctor has done same test on her ” doctor Martin how are the results is she going to be fine? ” the man named boss asked ” am sorry boss as you know she is sic she can not feel pain and the things that has happened to her it was too much for a ten years old to handle she is emotionally exhausted she lost a will to live, ” the doctor tried to explain Ruths condition to the man.

” how about I give her a will to live for doctor is it ok? ” boss asked ” if there is any you can try but be careful or she could be completely be destroyed , ” the doctor was worried because the girls was looking bad if not worse ” don worry doc I will be gentle after all I need her, ” Don was smiling and looking far.

” am sorry Ruth to remind you of this but you are the only hope for revenge look, ” boss started playing the video of the things that happened to

Ruths family she did not look away or cry through out the video .

” You see Ruth those people needs to be punished because not even the government can help you those people will be arrested yes but since they are powerful they will be free in just a short time what about you? they will see to it that you are dead if not for your family help others too this people will continue hatting innocent people like you and your family I can help you achieve all that I can train you to help yourself you can get the justice you deserve please think about this and you will need to watch this video everyday so that you do no forget what those bad people did to you get it? ” the boss was trying his best to corrupt Ruths mind and it was working because he saw her grab the blanket so had the boss left smiling he left her are lone to think about his offer.

Ruth was working around her room holding a memory card the word you can be the only hope for revenge kept repeating in her mind she punched the wall so hard that she started breeding the doctor rushed in knowing her condition the doctor was not taking any chances and the people with CIPA takes time to hell there wounds he took care of her wounds.

” Miss you need to be careful or you can die you are aware of your condition light? ” the doctor looked at her he felt pity for the young girl after he finishes dressing her wounds he went to report to Boss.

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