Sword of the Emperor

A Brand New World

It was said to defeat darkness you would need to surround yourself in the darkness to level the playing field

”Where am I? ” A dull voice whispers opening his eyes

What the voice saw was three kids who looked to be about fourteen years old

Kids? He thought confused seeing the beat-up kids

Two of the kids both had red hair and the only way you could tell them apart was that one of their hairs was covering their right eyes and the other their left

You could also tell them apart from their demeanor, One had a stoic expression, while the other had an angry

”Gah, ” The voice says as he heard his heartbeat as memories came flooding into his mind as he clutched his head before looking at his hands

”…Why couldn I just die? ” He whispers emotionlessly looking at the ground with dull eyes

The memories that were railed into him were not his own because he remembered his own past clearly

The name of this body was the same as his, Alan Louftet and it looked the same but more malnourished as him when he was that age

From what I could tell…this is like some medieval type, alternative reality…annoying Alan states annoyed because he wanted to rest in peace

I seem to be Fourteen…plenty of time to die Alan thought before glancing at the girl who was in between those twins

She looked had a sad aura around her but kept a brave face, one that Alan once had

”Useless ” Alan mutters and just sat back waiting to depart into the darkness where he found comfort

But fate had a different plan for Alan as the thing that was transporting them stopped and then they heard screams

”Protect the cargo…hell have our heads if we don ! ” Someone yelled as they engaged the unknown intruders

”Strike these filthy beasts down!! ” Another yelled before they hear fighting outside

”Crap!! We have to get out of here! ” One of the red-haired ones yelled tugging at the steel cuffs that held them

”You Purple Hair!… Can you move?! ” He yelled still pulling on the chains angrily

”…Yes I can move, ” Alan says not opening his eyes while staying in his calm state that surprised the others

”Why are you not fighting?! You
e just sitting there like you want to die! ” He yells finally making Alan stare at him with his cold eyes

”…Because I do ” Alan simply states while staring at him coldly shocking the three of them

”Only wimps want to die like that! ” He screams until his brother speaks

”Martin calm down…we have to do our duty…at any cost, ” His brother says in a calm voice regaining his composure after seeing Alans stare

”Tch!… You coward ” Martin then sits back down angrily doing what his brother said

The three remained quiet as the fighting was continuing outside before someone who looked scared came in

”We don get paid enough for this…I-i-ill just use these bastards as bait…before making my escape…y-yes a full proof plan ” After mumbling to himself the guy walked over to Alan pu

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