”All I want is the boy ” Annie yelled through the phone, Jen rolled her eyes as she hung up the phone. She removed her face mask, and smiled her best smile, she walked through the large crowd of civilians, keeping tab on a young couple with two strollers. ”this is going to be hard, how do I seperate them? ” she murmured, just then, she watched the couple sit down on a long bench, as both carried the babies while chatting happily, she sighed, as she brought out a rubber band and tied her hair into a low bun. ”when did beggars start coming to the fun fair? ” a lady asked her friend while passing and staring at her. ”perfect disguise ” Jen thought as she walked slowly to the bench the couple were seating on, she sat a little away from the woman, who stared at her, she stared back and looked at the man as well, then at the babies.

”you have cute babies ” she said slowly. ”oh thanks, they are William and Willa ” the lady said, ”wow twins? I love twins, I…am…twin ” she said in a very low voice and looked away, cleaning the tears that had filled her eyes, ”what did you say to upset the girl? ” the man asked. ”nothing honey ” the woman replied and looked at Jen, ”whats wrong? whats your name? ” she asked as she placed a hand on her shoulder.

”Im Quince ” Jen said as she stared at the children again, ”Im not poor, I just have an abusive father, when I see your happy family, I just feel so sad, my mom is late, my twin brother is in a mental asylum, my step mom and her son abuse me ” Jen said and burst out in tears.

The couple stare at her as she cried, the woman began to pat her head, ”its okay ” the man said as he cleaned his childrens mouth. ”you look so lean, have you had anything? ” the woman asked. Jen smiled for a second and frowned again, ”no, I have no money ” she said. ”let me get you something ” the man said as he stood up with his ATM card, Jen stared at him, ”I have approximately 10 minutes to get out of here ” she thought as she saw the man walk away after kissing his childrens fore head.

”So how old are you? ” the lady asked. ”thats none of your business ” Jen said as she brought out an injection from her purse and injected the womans left arm, the woman became unmoving, Jen smiled as she picked the baby boy up, eyes were on her but since the mother wasn complaining at a dirty begger touching her child, who were they to complain, so everyone minded their business.

”thanks for the baby ” Jen said as she walked away, she walked at a normal pace, to the back of the fun fair, she entered a store room and in a few minutes, an elderly woman woman walked out of the store room with a baby stroller. She smiled as she caressed the babys cheek and pushed the stroller heading to the normal fun fair.

”wheres William? ” the man asked yelling, the woman came back to her senses, she looked confused, as she looked around, then at the empty baby stroller, her hands covered her mouth, as tears began to fall out of her eyes, ”I asked you a question, wheres my son? ” the man yelled attracting attention, ”I don freaking know, that girl, she took my baby boy, she injected me with something! ” the woman yelled, as she cried.

”whats wrong? whats going on? ” people began to ask as they stared at the couple, Willa had started crying and was being caressed by her mother who was crying, while her dad began looking around and asking about his baby son.

”how young is the child? ” a middle aged lady asked. ”4 months old ” the father said

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