Sisters Forever

episode 9: crazy things

Bea walks back to the school angrily.

She keeps looking back as she walks.

About five meters away she looks back again at where the Yellow Bug is parked and she sees Zachess is out of her car, she throws her slippers to the ground and wears them, and she wears a jacket on her tank top, but shes still wearing the bum shorts.

Zachess walks towards the school, she takes a few steps then she presses her car key knob, and the car beeps its headlights flash and the doors lock.

Bea begins to walk very fast as she sees Zachess coming from behind, she climbs up the school front stairway perron and paces up the stairs very fast and enters the school.

The school hallway is crowded with teens chatting away with friends.

Anna, Tammy, Chen, and Sally are standing by the school doorway waiting for Zachess.

Bea storms in through the hallways front door.

Anna sees her sister and walks up to her quickly.

”Stop Bea, stop, ” Anna hurriedly says.

Bea stops but shes not looking behind, shes carrying her bag like a backpack.

”What happened sister, ” Anna says, holding Bea by the arm.

Bea keeps mute, still not looking at Anna.

Anna walks to Beas front.

”Whats the matter, Bea, ” she says.

”Everything, everything, why are you doing this to me, Anna, Or do you want me to report you to mum, ” Bea yells angrily, her voice trailing a tone of tears.

Anna pulls Bea by the arm to a corner.

”Now look let me tell you, this is Lancelotville High school United States of America, this is not Kingston Jamaica, ” Anna yells at Bea by the corner. ”Things are different here! ”

”And so what, ” Bea retorts.

”And so you have to chill, chill Bea, take a pill, ” Anna says, looking sternly at Bea.

”I don like a girl touching me, ” Bea says, her head bowed.

”What, Zachess touched you, ” Anna asks, pretending to be oblivious to what Bea is saying.

”Yes, she put her hand under my shirt and… ” as Bea is saying, in walks Zachess into the hallway.

”We will talk about this later Bea, ” Anna says and she leaves Bea and she walks to the rest of the girls.

Bea continues down the hallway to her classroom.

Zachess walks up to her friends.

”Hi Zachess, I see you, ” Chen says to her.

”I see you too Sweery, ” Zachess says. ”So whats up today, wheres Anna? ”

”Right behind you, ” Sally says and points to Anna walking from behind.

Zachess turns and sees Anna approaching.

Anna is wearing an angry countenance, Zachess shrugs as she sees Annas look, she shrugs because she feels Bea has already told her about what happened.

”Hi, Zachess, ” Anna says in a cold tone, and with an angry look.

”Hi Baby, ” Zachess says, leans forward, and kisses Anna by the ear.

”So are we going to classes or what, ” Tammy says.

Just then, Mr. Greenbeans walks into the hallway and charges the teens to their classrooms.

”Okay, okay, okay, enough of the chatter, to your classrooms everyone, ” he says.

He is swinging a handbell, and the bells ring out loud in the hallway.

The teens sluggishly drag their feet to their different classrooms, some making remarks to show their distaste for classes.

”Go now, go now, ” Mr. Greenbeans says, and rings aloud his bell.

The students disperse and soon the hallway is empty.

Its break time, the school bell chimes across all the classrooms, and the teens all gather up and walk out to the hallways.

In class Grade 11 A, Bea packs her bag, Cody walks up to her as she does so.

”Hi Bea, hows class today, ” he says.

Bea smiles at Cody.

”It was good, ” she says.

”So Umm…I will meet you at the cafe now, ” Cody says.

”Yes, I will see you there shortly, ” Bea says.

”Okay, ” Cody says, and he walks out of class with the rest of the crowd.

The cafeteria is not too crowded today.

Cody goes over to the counter, orders his meal, and sits by a table at the extreme of the café.

The TPLG girls are seated too at their table eating their meals, so they look at Cody as he walks in with his meal tray, and he sits.

”Thats Beas Heartthrob, ” Tammy says raising her chin at Cody pointing to him.

Zachess turns around because shes backing Codys table, and she looks at Cody at the table.

”What do you mean heartthrob, ” Zachess says, she turns again to look at Tammy, and the rest of the girls continue with their meal

Just then Bea walks into the cafeteria, she doesn go to the counter, rather she walks to Codys table.

”Look, ” Tammy says to Zachess, pointing at Bea walking to Codys table.

Zachess turns to Cody once again, and she sees Bea sit with Cody at the table, she can see the likeness and fondness between the two, this makes Zachess very jealous.

Zachess turns around to her table, her crew can see disgust raging by her countenance, but they keep mute, eating slowly as they keep stealing a glance at Cody and Bea smiling and talking to each other in an obvious affectionate manner.

”Im glad you could make it, ” Cody says to Bea.

”Yes Cody, ” Bea says.

”So umm, are you single, ” Cody asks.

”You mean if I have a Boyfriend? ” Bea says.

”Yes, ” Cody says.

”Umm, Ive not had a boyfriend, ” Bea says rather shyly.

”Ohh…I see, ” Cody says. ”And whys that? ”

”Umm, I don know, ” Bea says shaking her head from side to side.

”Okay, and have you ever thought about having one? ” Cody says, he moves his hand across the table and holds Bea by the hand.

Bea smiles at Cody, shes blushing, her face is all red, and she hides her face with a head bow.

Zachess looks at their table, she sees Cody holding Beas hand and this makes Zachess very jealous, she quickly stands from her table and walks to Cody and Beas table.

Her crew looks in surprise as Zachess barges to the table.

”Umm…I would love to have a Boyfriend yes, ” Bea says, her hand still held by Cody.

”Would you want me to be… ” Cody says but his words are interrupted as Zachess uninvitedly thumps and sits on a seat by the table, adjacent to Cody and Bea.

Bea looks in shock as Zachess sits almost with a bang in front of them.

”What are you doing here, ” Bea retorts sharply at Zachess. ”What do you want!? ”

Zachess ignores Bea, she looks and smiles widely at Cody.

Cody is surprised as to who this is, and by the rude interruption.

”Hi, Im Zachess, ” Zachess says, and extends her hand to shake Codys hand.

Cody lets go of Beas hand slowly, and he shakes Zachess.

Zachess still keeps the hold, not letting go of Codys hand.

”Im Cody, ” he says.

”Are you new, ” Zachess says.

”Yes I am, this is my first semester in Lancelotville High, ” Cody says.

”Ah, I see why you chose this stiff, ” Zachess says and looks meanly at Bea, she scoffs at her.

Bea now is very angry and doesn know what to do.

”Stiff, no, shes no stiff, this is Bea, my… ” Cody says but is cut off again by Zachesss rudeness.

e a very handsome boy Cody, you don need to hang with this nerd, ” Zachess cuts Cody off his sentence.

”Thank you, I appreciate that, but…. ” Cody says but he is interrupted again.

”Those are my friends over there at that table, ” Zachess says.

She points to her table, her friends had been observing them across the tables, so they see Zachess talk about them and point to them, so the crew all wave spontaneously at Cody, beaming with smiles.

”Ah, thats nice, ” Cody says, and he waves back at the girls.

”Would you care to join us at our table? ” Zachess says.

”Umm…. ” Cody stammers, looking at Bea who is red all over now with anger.

”Come on we won bite, ” Zachess says, pulling Cody by the hand.

”But I…I…, ” Cody stammers yet again, looking at Bea and Zachess simultaneously.

”Who, this stiff, please, ” Zachess says and pulls Cody up from the table.

She stands and leads Cody to the TPLG table.

Cody is puked like a dog to the TPLG table, he leaves his meal behind.

He takes a last look at Bea, but she keeps mute, looking blandly at the ground, not knowing what to do.

Zachess takes Cody over to their table and they sit on different chairs, the girls chatter with Cody, Sally touches Codys hair, Chen touches his arms, and they laugh and make him smile.

Bea sits across the other table alone, she looks at her sister Anna on the TPLG table, Anna sees Bea looking worried across the table, but she didn say anything.

Bea stands and walks over to the TPLG table and speaks.

”I will see you tomorrow Cody, ” Bea says and walks away before Cody could respond, Cody looks at Bea as she walks away.

”Okay Bea, I will see you… ” Cody says, but Zachess turns his face away from Bea, and all the girls laugh out loud as Bea walks out of the cafeteria.

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