Sisters Forever

episode 10: it\'s friday

It is night, and it is pitch black in the sky outside.

Bea is back at home, shes wearing a long sleeve sweater, and shes sitting at the reading table in their room studying when a pebble hits the window.

Bea looks at the window.

Another pebble hits the glass a second time.

Bea walks over to the window and peers through it.

She sees Anna outside standing on the street behind the house.

Shes just coming home, and its after dusk.

Anna beckons to Bea to come down to open the door for her.

Bea scoffs and walks down the stairs, quietly, so as not to wake their mum.

Bea goes to the kitchens back door that leads to the street.

She opens the back door, but the door makes a creaking sound, Bea freezes in her tracks as the door makes the creaking sound.

She continues opening the door, and when the door is about a quarter open, Anna sneaks in.

”Thank you, sister, ” she says.

Bea pays her no mind, she closes the door and walks up the stairs to their room.

Anna removes her backpack bag and drops it on the kitchen floor.

She walks over to the fridge and brings out a bottle of milk and gulps right from the bottle for a few seconds.

She returns the now half-full bottle of milk to the fridge and walks up the stairs to the room.

Up in their room, Bea is back on the reading table, and she continues her study.

Anna walks in, she sits on a seat and removes her shoes, and her top blouse.

She stands and pulls her skirt from her waist, and it drops to the floor.

Now in her brassiere and panties, Anna walks to the bathroom, the shower is heard flowing and in moments, Anna is out, wearing a bathrobe, and a towel tied around her hair.

She comes and sits beside Bea.

”Now what is this thing going on between you and Zachess, ” Anna asks Bea.

Bea pays her no mind, she keeps her gaze on her studying.

Anna walks to the dressing table.

She removes the towel from her hair and throws it into a corner, she brings out a hand hairdryer and begins to dry her hair.

The hairdryer makes a buzzing sound, and this disturbs Beas studying.

Bea raises her head in disgust.

”Why can you just let me be, ” Bea says.

”What…what are you talking about, ” Anna responds in a harsh tone.

Bea ignores her and continues her studying.

Anna finishes her hair drying and walks to the bed, still wearing the robe, she sits on the lower bed.

”Can we talk..please, ” Anna says to Bea.

Bea closes her book and she looks at Anna.

”What, do you want us to talk about, huh, about Zachess, that crazy bitch, ” Bea yells.

”Come on, she plays a lot thats all, ” Anna says in defense of Zachess.

”Play…she plays a lot…for real, ” Bea retorts. ”Are you serious right now? ”

”Zachess likes you, Bea, thats what, why don you… ” Anna says but she is cut short by Bea.

”Why don I what, ” Bea yells yet again. ”Do crazy things with her? ”

Bea glances at Anna, shes wearing a disapproving countenance, her eyes rather glassy like she would cry.

Anna keeps mute.

”I don like her, okay, and look at what she did to me today with Cody, why do that, huh, why, ” Bea says, and she begins to cry, she bows her head on the reading table.

Anna walks to Bea and holds her by the shoulders.

”Its okay Bea, you
e very beautiful, and very sweet too, so don blame a girl for loving you, ” Anna says in a move to calm Bea down.

Bea raises her face from the table, Anna is standing behind her.

”But I don like her, ” Bea says amid tears. ”Why can she leave me alone, huh? ”

Anna caresses Bea by the shoulders.

”Okay sister, you
e my sister, we are sisters, I have to stand up for you, okay, Zachess has to stop, ” Anna says reassuringly.

Bea continues to cry on the reading table.

”But about Cody, do you think he likes you, I mean, after you left, he kissed Zachess, and it wasn a play kiss, it was a deep kiss, and he too was hitting on Chen and Sally, ” Anna says as she caresses Beas shoulders. ”Maybe he didn know that Zachess and the girls were just messing with you, not him, he didn know that they don give a Barbie doll about him. ”

Bea raises her face again from the reading table,

”Cody kissed Zachess, ” she asks.

”Yes, and I think he has had sex with her by now because Zachess took him to her house, ” Anna says.

Bea in a moment feels relieved hearing that, she wipes her face with her sweater sleeve.

”So please, don cry about Cody, hes not worth it, ” Anna says to Bea to cheer her up.

”But I like him, I do, ” Bea says.

”I know sister, I know, but sometimes, sometimes you just know, you just know thats all, ” Anna says.

”Please I want you to tell Zachess to leave me alone, I will call the cops on her, ” Bea retorts.

”Haha, the cops right, that would be unnecessary, okay sister, ” Anna says. ”I think, I just think the best way to beat this is…. ”

Anna stops caressing Beas shoulders, she walks to the bed, and climbs the upper bed, she removes her bathrobe and flings it across the room, she is now naked, and she lays down on the bed.

”Is what..finish what you were saying, ” Bea says. ”The best way to beat her problems is how? ”

Anna is now lying down on the bed, she slips her sleep mask across her eyes and she creeps into her duvet.

”The best way to beat Zachess is to agree to what she says, ” Anna says.

”And I now do the crazy things that she wants, ” Bea says.

”Crazy things, crazy things, whats all these crazy things you say? ” Anna says, she sits up from the bed and opens her sleep mask a bit to look at Bea.

”Zachess touched me today in her car, she touched my breasts, it hurt but… ” Bea says and stops, staring blandly.

”Zachess touched you, touched your breasts, but what… ” Anna says.

”It hurt but it felt good also I would rather say, I have never felt that way before, ” Bea says.

”And thats what you call crazy things, haha, ” Anna says, she laughs, scoffs, lays back, and closes her sleep mask.

”Did you enjoy it, ” she says.

”I don know, Its all crazy things to me, a girl touching a girl, ” Bea says, she walks back to the reading table, sits, and continues her reading.

Not quite long, Annas snore trails the room.

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