Shades of Eternity

Masquerades and Vervain Grenades

Avra had sown the seeds for her entrance into the Mystic falls gang, but if she wanted results on her investments, She would have to further insert herself into the situation.With the unexpected arrival of KaterinaPetrova, tensions were high and the gang was on edge. She had to strike when the iron was hot.

Yes, It could have been possible for her to take Elena hostage as a bargaining chip, however, it felt primitive and dumb. She had people who cared for her, willing to lay down their lives for her and while Avra could definitely take on all them. Time and Tragedy had taught her patience, to not underestimate the allure of the Petrove doppelgangers and the ability of Nature to throw a wrench in her plans. She would not commit the mistake of diving headfirst into the situation impulsively, she was an apex predator, cold and calculating. She wouldn lower herself to behave in such an undignified,primal manner.

She had set the bait and now all she needed was for them to fall into her trap. To be perfectly candid, It wasn an incredibly difficult,they just needed a slight nudge in the right direction. With an unpredictable factor in their midst,they were looking for help from all directions.Hence, leading upto this moment when Avra received a call from Damon, with his classic cockiness but in need of assistance, that only she could provide.

Leading upto this moment, when Avra slowly lowered her fingers as she counted down the moments on her fingers till she was about to receive a call from Damon.

”Ever heard of a bitch named Katherine? ”

”Damon? How did you get this number? ”

”Tut.Tut..Thats for me to know and for you to figure out. Anyway, our last interaction was brief, wanted to call you and just chat. ”

”Uhuh.. ” She responded disbelievingly

”So, do you? ” He asked impatiently.

”Do I what? I thought you just wanted to chat. ” Avra said, thoroughly enjoying pushing his buttons.

”Do you know Katherine Pierce? ” He said, getting more irritable with each passing second.

”I might have, Why? ”

”Welp, I am about to kill her and would love me some backup. ” He dropped the bomb.

This intrigued Avra, weren Damon and Stefan in love with her back in 1864. She could understand their affection wavering with the arrival of the new doppelganger, but that level of hatred was new. She wondered what Katherine had done.

”Thats intense.But why would I help you? ”

She had to play her cards right, couldn seem to eager, that would appear far too suspicious.

”To uplift society and be an upstanding citizen. ” He answered mockingly.

On receiving no reply, and only a raised eyebrow from her in return .

”Come now, help a brother in need. ” He requested earnestly.

She sighed and reluctantly agreed, ”Text me the address. ”

”Great, will see you at 7. ”

Despite his carefree tone, she could hear the apparent relief in his voice. With her, they had a fighting chance at least.

He might have acted nonchalant but he knew that she had held the cards in that moment. Taking down a vampire as old as Katherine was not an easy task, especially for two vampires significantly younger than her. Katherine pierce was the baddest bitch of all, and for good reason.

”Alright.Im here.Now tell me, whats the plan? ” She said as she walked into the Salvatore Boarding house.

Alaric was teaching an unidentified teen, how to operate some sort of weapon against vampires, while they were all giggling and chuckling around.Frankly, they were far too carefree to properly plan murder. Incompetent, the whole lot. It seemed that Avra would have to carry the weight around there if she wanted things done.

”Welcome, welcome, Avra, to our humble abode. ”

Damon said, chuckling while extending his arm.

”This is Caroline. ” He pointed towards a blonde girl. ”She will lure Katherine into a room, Bonnie will trap her in. Thats where you come in, Stefan, I and you will then have to perform the easiest task, rip her apart. ”

”Why? ”

”Don think you need to know that. ”He said defensively.

”I am not a contracted killer,Damon. I am not going to simply murder someone because you said so. I will not jump up and do your bidding. ” She deadpanned.

Being included in their gang was crucial to her plans, but she wasn going to be bossed around.It set a bad precedent.

Seeing that she would not budge, Damon gave in and explained, ”Look, We have history with her and trust me, when I say, the world is better off without that conniving,backstabbing bitch.Plus, you said you didn adore meaningless slaughter, with Katherine in town, that is impossible to avoid. She will make this town rain with blood if she doesn get what she wants. ”

Avra pretended to hesitate momentarily but agreed.

”I will count this as a favor to a friend then. ” She smirked.

She walked out of the house and to her own to prepare for the Masquerade. She needed a dress after all.

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