Today was her birthday, she opened her lunch box, put a small twig on her sandwich and blow it like a candle, sang ”Happy Birthday to Lizzy ” herself, and ate her lunch. The wind swirling her hairs and swooshes moving the leaves felt like a song of nature to Lizzy, silently wishing her blessings in their language. Looking at the sky filling with clouds like cotton candies emerging from all sides she felt nostalgic, not for the past she had ever seen but for the people, she never got a chance to know more, her very own people. Sitting there reclining on the tree, the early years of her life started passing through her eyes like a series of events.

She was born to a beautiful loving couple Tehreem and Adam, her mother was a talented young woman pursuing her career as a doctorate in the same university and her father was an engineer here. Her mothers parents gave her the name Aliza and her only relative from her fathers side was her step-grandmother, Nora who named her Elizabeth, combining both, her name became Lizzy. As long as she knew they had a very charming, happy, idyllic life until the horrible accident of her parents happened on a stormy Saturday afternoon. They were coming back home after attending the project inauguration of her dad on which her mother cared to join him.

Lizzy was at home with Nora as she was sick.

The accident became a disaster for the mental health of poor little Lizzy, in that time her only world and consoling power was her grandmother Nora. She gave this poor child all the love she needed, her mothers care, and her fathers protection, Nora was a pure life-saving elixir for our baby Aliza. Days changed into months and months into years and now Lizzy was on her own, taking care of her beloved grandmother who never made her feel deprived of anything. Even if she had to attend the parent-teacher meeting in her school or the table tennis lessons for Lizzy, Nora was always there.

Either making her favorite cookies and pancakes, or cheering her up in the cold winters when she was sick, either playing together with her dolls or going out on long walks and lunch and dinners, Nora was all Lizzy could remember from her late childhood to her present moment. And she was sure that no other person in the whole world could love her as much as her grandmother do and she was more sure about herself the same too.

She spends most of her free time sitting under this tree and feels the rhythm of air blowing around her, she loves to close her eyes and absorb the aura of this whole place. Mostly when she got free from classes she rushes to home for seeing Nora, who always waits for her cute little munchkin, but every time she has some hours to spend peacefully she knows this is the place.

This was the aura of this spot that made her realize for the first time that she has an incredibly nice voice. It was straight after the start of this semester here when she started her MS she used to spend her evenings here under this tree for reading and writing research stuff, when her interest in music grew a lot she used to listen to all genres of music and gradually in an unfelt way started to sing along and then after university, at her apartment while doing the chores when she danced and sang like a cool crazy girl she suddenly felt like this was the only thing that made her so happy after so long. She repeatedly sang many songs by different singers and different genres which she kept listening to for weeks, and surprisingly she felt so calm and light-hearted after singing. She grabbed Nora and danced and sang for so long, Nora was so happy to see her little child, that she decided to support her in everything she ever want to do. Though Lizzy was not sure what she wanted to pursue, still that was the time when she started that late-night sneaky singing which gave her the title of ”secret melody ”.

Thinking of being renowned as an unknown secret melody put a very charming smile on her lips and at the same moment a drop of rain strike her face, she opened her eyes filled with the joy of feeling rain but she got no chance as drizzling changed to heavy rain in no time. She packed her backpack in a hurry, opened her umbrella, and rushed to her home which was barely the distance of 10 min on foot. At halfway when the wind was too furious along with the rain, she took shelter under an old abandoned shop. Lizzy kept standing there for a while when a car swiftly passed by her, she was shocked by its loud horns and headlights, this 2 to 3-second lapse took her to the eve of her parents accidents, and she quivered and ran towards her home without any second thoughts. She lost her loved ones in the same horrible weather and now she doesn dare to lose her only asset in the world.

She encouraged herself, ” No Lizzy, nothing can happen to grandma, she can leave you alone, she will be standing at the door waiting for you ”. But the PTSD was hitting hard and tears were sliding through her face. She was madly running to her home when she suddenly stumbled upon a stone, trying to get up and panting heavily what she saw was her home in complete darkness. Her heart missed a beat, what could happen??

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