Heart beats fast

Colors and


How to be brave

How can I love when I am afraid to fall

But watching you stand alone.

All of my doubts suddenly goes away somehow

One step closer….

I have died every day waiting for you

Darling don be afraid I have loved you

For a thousand year

Ill love you for a thousand more…

She opened her eyes and inhaled the breeze filled with the charm of her voice, surrounded all over the place at this hour of the night. She was sure the bloggers from the local town newspaper were hiding near her house but they lost the chance to capture the face of the secret melody. This hour when she starts to sing was the one in which all other eyes close with sleepiness and tiredness

Her singing hours are so irregular and abrupt that for the last three months even after trying very hard not even a single person have seen her. They walk along all the streets of town especially near hers as the melody starts from her but they can catch it yet. Instead, the daily newspaper and the weekly e-magazines of the remote town of state published several articles and blogs on views about the voice and called it secret melody.

_ _ _

The next day in her university was just like a routine Monday, with chattering of students everywhere, some being happy at the start of next week, a step closer to success and completion, and some being lazy and annoyed to be again part of the boring routine life. Lizzy was just another person in her university, just a random girl no one mostly noticed, many of her class fellows even don feel her presence or absence in any place. She has no friends but only the wide short tree beside the playground from where she feels like she covers the horizon by having the whole playground down the stairs and all the long road till the main entrance of the building. Like every day she came and sat there under the tree having lunch, reading books, and doing stuff on her laptop, this place was a bit far from the department but the wifi works here perfectly well, she read and reviewed most of her research articles here.

She always enjoys the company of this tree and the scenic views from this spot more than any other thing in the world.

_ _ _

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