Seafoam Green

Chapter Four

The sun went down and night soon came. We had dinner with the rest of the crew, before they began to drink ale. I remember seeing Rowan hang out with the rest of the men, but he never touched a drop of alcohol.

That night, I had trouble sleeping. I tossed and turned for a few hours, before giving up, and deciding to go up from the cabin to the deck. There I saw Rowan. He stood near the edge of the deck staring at the sea. He looked so peaceful, he looked at home.

I walked up to him, hearing my footsteps, he turned to me. ”Cant sleep? ” He asks.

”Im afraid not. ”

”The name is Rowan, you
e Weyln, right? ”

”Yes, have we met before? ”

”No I don believe so, I heard someone call out your name earlier today. ”

”I dont regionze you from the last voyage. This your first trip? ”

”Yes, I was just hired a few weeks ago. ”

Rowan and I stood there talking till my eyes grew heavy.

”Im going to go back down to the cabin, you coming? ” I asked.

”Im going to stay out here for a bit longer. ”

”Don stay out to late, ”

Unable to sleep due to the harsh waves, the two of us spent most nights out on the deck, causing us to quickly became friends.

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