I was agitated….enraged….my blood boiling in my veins as I read the content over and over again.

How dare him!

Who could have thought that hes just…

Shit! I hated myself for making someone like him fool me. I wish I had known earlier. God! I felt so stupid. Who could have thought out of all the men in the world, I could deem so low and allow someone like him to easily crawl under my skin.


I shake my head in disbelief as I suddenly feel so hot. I made for the water dispenser gulping down two cups of water down my throat.

He must be happy seeing me make a fool of myself in front of him. Gosh! I slapped my forehead trying to erase his memory that seemed to tattoo inside my head. His smirks, his chuckles, his intense gaze while watching me make a fool of myself. I felt so embarrassed and I wish the ground would just open and swallow me

I walked back to my desk and sat down covering my face with my palms. I can just believe it. I decided to bury myself in work because I know thats the only thing that can take my mind away from it. I looked down at my desk to be greeted by a load of files I haven noticed since I entered my office.

I rolled my eyes as I wondered how they got there then I remembered I didn lock my office which means that arrogant bastard must have entered my office without my permission. God! I suddenly feel unsafe. More reason why I want his sack. I don want someone like him as my employee.

Isn it suspicious?

Why did he opt for the post of secretary when he has that kind of certificate?

He studied in one of the most popular and prestigious colleges in the United States not only he graduate in first-class as the No. 1 to earn such distinction in his department. With such intelligence, why does it have to be the post of a secretary? Is there something my boss isn telling me? Why does he have to be placed under me of all people?

If I didn know my boss, I would have thought he was his son but my boss only birthed three beautiful girls with his legal wife and I don think he had any illegitimate son outside. are not to be trusted. Wait, is that why this guy is so confident and not fazed by me? but if so, he doesn look like my boss at all. Maybe he looks like his mother. Is that why his name is discreet? I can find his surname or anything. Theres no way hes bearing Sugar. That must be a nickname. I think I need to ask my boss again who this guy is and he better be telling me the truth.

I was about to stand on my feet when I heard a knock on the door.

”Come in ”.

”Maam ” I shoot my head up at the familiar voice. Hes the one again.

”Yes! What do you want? ” I ask angrily.

He walked in staring at me as if waiting for me to explode again. I am not going to give him that satisfaction. I ignore him and act as if I was going through the files in front of me.

” I was told to deliver these files to you, ” He said and gently placed the files on the desk.

He was looking down at something on the desk. What is he looking at? I raised my head to see what he was looking at as I trace his stare.


I realized he was staring at his file which was right in front of me. The corner of his mouth twitch as he fought off a smile that would make him appear more childlike instead of professional as our eyes met.

” Any.. anything.. else? ” I stutter.

” No maam, ” He said amused.

” Then go ! ” I glare at him.

” Ok maam, ” He said and turn to leave.

” Wait ” I stopped him. He turns around to face me.

” Whats your name ? ” I ask curiously.

” Sugar ”.

” I meant your real name … Like the surname ”.

” Sugar ”.

” You meant your name and surname is Sugar ? ”.

” Yes, maam ”.

I know hes deliberately trying to test my patience. ”You can go, ” I said getting frustrated at his answers. I am not buying that. Theres something suspicious about this guy. Is he my bosss mistresss son? Why would my boss employ someone whose name and surname are confidential? Is he a spy?

I can take it any longer. I need to see my boss and hope those old men are gone.

I came out of my office to the reception room where the secretarys office is located. I locked my office because I don trust him. I take a glance at him at the secretarys office and he was busy engrossed with the files in front of him.

Who are you?

I don know why I felt so uneasy with him around. Theres always this tension I felt with him. More reason why I am curious to know about him. I don know if he noticed my presence or decided to ignore me as I walked out of the office heading to my bosss office.

I got to my bosss office and was glad to meet him on the seat. His friends are gone. He had his glasses on and was looking through files and papers on his desk.

” Amyra, have your seat please, ” He says his eyes glued to the file in his hand.

” Is he your son? ”

He tears his eyes away from the files to look at me. ” Pardon? ” He asked confusedly.

” Sir, you don have to lie to me . Is he your son ? I just want to know ”.

He closes the files in front of him and drops them on his desk as he removes his glasses and leans his back on his chair. ”Amyra, I don understand what you are saying? ”.

” I meant.. is .. Sugar your … Son ? ”.

He let out a laugh that made me question why he laughed because I don find it funny. Is he trying to cover it up with a laugh since he knew I already knows his secret?

” Amyra, please sit down, ” He says in between laughs.

” Im okay like this Sir ”.

” Common on, sit down please, ” He says and I hesitantly have my seat curious to know what he wants to say.

He sits upright in his seat as he looks at me. ” Hes not my son, Amyra ”.

” But…. ”.

He cut my sentence short. ” You are surprised right? I was also as surprised as you when I read his CV ”.

” But why the post of a secretary sir ? Don you find it suspicious too ? ”.

” Of course, I do ”. He answers as he leans his back against his chair. ” He said he only wanted to gain experience ”.

” What if hes lying? What if hes a spy from our rivalry? Sir, we have an ongoing project at hand and I don trust him. The guy is a genius. He gained admission to Harvard University at the age of 15. He graduated at the age of 23 with a first-class. Everything about him looks suspicious. He doesn look like a pauper. What am I even saying? He went to study in the United States which means his parents are rich. Sir, why did you employ someone like him ? ”

” Amyra, believe me. I have also thought about it but my hands are tied. He was introduced to me by an old friend who means so much to me. I know you are smart and intelligent. More reason why I placed him under you is so you can monitor him. I know his name is discreet and I know hes suspicious. You won believe I offered him a better position but he turned my offer saying he preferred the post of secretary. I intentionally gave you his file to go through and I am so glad you didn fail me. I know you will come back to ask me about him ”.

” Why me? Why does he have to be placed under me ? ”

” Thats because you are the only one I can trust with him. Don you think your colleagues will want to use him to their advantage? Amyra, I am sorry I had to place him under you but I have no choice.

” What do you want me to do, sir? ”

” Just give him two months. I want you to watch him closely for two months to know if hes to be trusted or not ”.

I left my bosss office with a heavy heart thinking about everything he told me. Is this the work of that monster? Whos this guy? Whats his name? What does he want? Is he lying about his age? The CV stated hes 23 but he doesn look his age. He looks more mature and intelligent than his age. Why do I feel like everything about him is a lie?

Two months!

Just two months Amyra.


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