” Im your new secretary, ” He says, his voice still rough, deep, masculine perfection.

The last time I checked, I am still granting interviews and I don think have employed anyone to be my secretary not to talk of the person being a man. Is this guy playing some pranks on me or something?

I rubbed my forehead trying to hold my anger in, but the irritation was visible on my face. I was boiling with so much anger and I wish I could throw a punch at his face to make myself feel better a little bit.

I sighed deeply as I tried to pick my next words carefully before I unleash the demons in me. The mere sight of him standing in front of me waiting for my next step of action and not trying to explain himself is what keeps getting me annoyed. He just fueled the hatred I have for men the more.

Yes, you heard me right.

I hate men!

I detest them!

I hate them because…..

e worst.

e trash.

e pretenders.

e all dumb.

e the scum of the earth.

They belong in cages.

e monsters.

e animals.

I hate everything about them because I wish they never exist. I prefer them six miles away from me because their mere existence wants me to puke. I would rather remain single for the rest of my life than allow any man to be my husband.

” I will ask you one last time, What the f*ck are you doing in my secretarys office ? ”

”As I said before Maam, I am your new secretary ”.

” Im your new secretary ” I mimic him as I eyed him.

He let out a chuckle at my action.

” Is funny, right? ” I scowl at him.

” Please get out of my office before I call the security guards to help you out ” I threaten because I am already losing my patience.

It doesn take him anything to explain himself. I am sure he missed his way here but him trying to act like the alpha is the problem. He was trying to challenge me and thats a problem. He was trying to bring me to the edge and thats a problem. No man, I meant no man has ever stood in front of me and never feel intimidated by me and this is the first man who was trying to show me how stupid he is.

” Get out of my office! ” I yelled at him.

” Im sorry maam, I can because I am your new…. ”.

I cut his sentence short. ” Shut the f*ck up! ”.

”You are not my secretary . I didn employ you . Stop trying to make me go crazy . ” Are you mad ? ”.

I lower my voice as I try to talk calmly because I am tired. ” Please get out of my office while Im still nice ”.

” Im sorry maam, I can ”.

” You can ? ” I let out a laugh. ” I guess you want it the hard way. You will hate yourself if I come back outside and still meet you here ” I said threateningly as I walked towards my office to call the security guards.

” Why don you ask Mr. Alexander first ? ” He said referring to my boss.

I stopped on my track as I listen to him before I walked into my office and slam the door shut. I dropped my bag on my desk as I pace back and forth boiling with so much anger.

My boss?

Can he be the one who employed that arrogant bastard as my employee?

I shake my head negatively.

No…no, I told think so.

He doesn even have the time for that.

He has never interfered in my business before and I don think I told him I need a secretary. Mr. Alexander I know would have consulted me first before taking any action.

Is this guy playing on my intelligence?

Is he a spy from one of my colleagues?

Why is he so confident?

Why is he so calm about everything?

Maybe hes saying the truth. But why will my boss employ a secretary for me behind my back? Why would he do that? I am not complaining in the first place that Im overloaded with work. Isn this suspicious?

I didn know what to do as I keep pacing back and forth in my office. After much contemplation, I decided to go and see my boss first before I know the next steps of action to take. Trust me, if my boss said he doesn know anything about him, this guy will hate himself. I will make him run anytime he sees or hears my name.

I dash out of my office and my blood boils even more when my eyes darted to see the bastard sitting comfortably on my secretarys chair typing on the computer. I guess he noticed my presence because he raised his head and arched an eyebrow at me daring me as a smile played at the corner of his lips.

I snorted with laughter as I walked out of the office towards my bosss office. I keep imagining how I was going to deal with him if my boss said he doesn know anything about him. I am first going to accuse the bastard of theft, let the security guards beat him blue and black then lock him up in jail. It would take the best lawyer in the whole world for him to be granted bail.

” Good morning Maam ” My bosss secretary quickly stand on her feet to greet me as I entered.

I ignored her greetings. ” Is boss in his office ? ”

” Yes.. maam ” She quickly answers and I guess she could detect I am in a bad mood and doesn want to get on my bad side.

Im the only one who was permitted to see my boss any day and time without passing through any protocol. I don know if it was because of the daughter-to-father relationship we had. All I know is Mr. Alexander loves me so much and doesn play with my name. I wish there are a lot of men like him on earth.

I headed for the door but suddenly stopped on my track by the secretarys voice.

” Maam! ”

” Yes! ” I answer getting frustrated at her delaying me. My back still turns to her.

” Hes..not.. alone ” She quickly says.

” Okay, ” I said and exhale to calm myself as I gently knock on the door.

” Come in please ” I faintly heard my bosss voice mixed with laughter.

I place my hand on the doorknob and turn it open as I stepped inside. I came face to face with my boss and his two friends. They were all sitting in the visitor section with different varieties of food and wines placed in front of them.

Don these people have company to look after? Early Monday morning for that matter. I thought to myself as I walked in.

” Here comes the lady of honor, ” One of them says showing his brown set of teeth as he raised his glass to his mouth to sip the wine.

” Good morning Sirs, ” I said feigning a smile.

” Amyra, have your seat please, ” My boss said and gestured with his hand to the vacant seat left beside one of the old men.

” Thank you sir but am okay, ” I said politely trying to turn down the offer because Im not comfortable sitting down with men old enough to be my father. They are all in their mid or late-fifties and I know the kind of people these two old men are. They chase girls old enough to be their daughter or granddaughter. I only gave them respect because of my boss.

” Common Amyra, sit down. All work without play makes Amyra an ugly girl ” The one with the protruding belly says patting the vacant seat beside him.

” Thank you, sir, but I have some things to attend to in my office, ” I said with a fake smile plastered all over my face.

” Why are you always uptight? ” The bald one says concern written in his voice. ”Let me give you a piece of advice. we only live once and die once. You need to stop working around the clock. I get that you are an ambitious woman but at the same time, you need to live life to the fullest before its too late. Stop being a workaholic and enjoy life a little ”.

” Thank you, sir ”.

” I heard you are still single ? ” The protruding belly says.

” Yes sir and its by choice ” I quickly say because I am getting angry at them trying to interfere in my private life. They should be grateful my boss is sitting with them if not, I would have put them in their place.

” If you don mind, I can wife you legally as my fifth wife. You are too beautiful to be single. I know you haven settled down because no man your age will want to marry a career woman like you. I promise to take care of ….. ”.

I cut his sentence short. ” Thank you so much sir but with due respect, I don think I will ever want to be someones fifth or second wife. I don sleep with a man old enough to my father . Its a shame on my name . Moreover I don look like someone who can take care of herself ”.

” Wow! Alexander, see the way your daughter is insulting me. No one dares talk to me like that. Shes too outspoken for my liking. No wonder shes still single at 32yrs. No man will want to marry a woman that can be submissive ” He said angrily.

You see why I said men are dumb. Men tend to call women bitches when they do not get what they want from them. So, if a woman turns a man down for a date, she is a bitch. If she climbs the career ladder faster than him, she is a bitch. If she becomes his boss and turns down one of his ideas, she is – you guessed it – a bitch.

Bitch is an epithet hurled at women who speak their minds, who have opinions and do not shy away from expressing them, and who do not sit by and smile uncomfortably if they are bothered or offended. If being an outspoken woman means being a bitch, I will take that as a compliment.

” Please leave my daughter alone ” My boss quickly says trying to ease the tension in the room as he burst into a laugh.

” Amyra dear, how can I be of help to you? ”.

” Sir, theres a bast….theres a man in my office ” I quickly correct myself. ” He said hes my new secretary and you employed him ”.

Please tell me you don know him. Please tell me you didn employ him. I made a silent prayer in my mind.

” Oh, so sorry I didn inform you. It skipped my mind. I just thought you needed one because you haven gotten one since Vivian left.

Oh no!

” Sir, I don need a secretary. I am okay ….. ”

He cut my sentence short. ” Amyra, I know you are not complaining but I am just concerned about you. The way you overworked yourself is too much. Don you see you have lost so much weight? I just couldn fold my hands and do nothing. I know you are very picky when it comes to secretaries and that was why I made sure to find someone up to your taste ”.

Up to my taste? That bastard? I doubt that. I thought to myself angrily.

I didn want to tell my boss I don like the secretary he employed for me in front of his friends so I won sound like an ingrate. I know he did it out of Goodwill but I just wish he informed me first.

” I am so sorry for not informing you, ” My boss said jolting me out of my thought.

” Its okay sir. Thank you so much, sir. I appreciate it ” I said feigning a smile despite how sad I am inside.

” The pleasure is all mine . The guy is good and I am sure you will enjoy him more than Vivian ”.

” Of course! ” I let out a fake smile. ”I need to go sir if you will excuse me ”.

”Alright dear. The guys file is on my desk. You can go take it with you . You know, to get to know the type of employee he is but I can be assure you, you have nothing to worry about ”.

” Okay, sir. Thank you, sir ” I said and left the visitor section to his office section to pick up the bastards file.

I head back to my office boiling with anger as I made a mental note to speak with my boss again when hes alone and tell him I don like that bastard. I am sure he will listen. I don think I can tolerate his arrogant attitude. Who did he think he is?

I walked into my office entrance door and look for the bastard but was surprised he wasn on the seat so I head to my office eager to read his file and know more about him.

I slam the door shut as I entered and walked up to the chair as I sat down and quickly open the file.

I scanned through his CV trying to see what I can use to implicate him as an excuse to my boss why he can be my secretary. I can believe he studied abroad. No wonder he was so arrogant. He studied banking and finance at Harvard University.

And so? And all he could get was been a secretary.

I read further and found out more about him.

His name is Sugar. Who in the world names their son sugar. Theres nothing sweet about this idiot. Hes a Cancer. He won the overall best student in Harvard passing out in first class. I turned to the next page and my eyes widened in shock at what I read.


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