The blade pierced through the girls heart. Eloise fell to her knees. Life left the gorgeous hue of her eyes. She ripped out the silver blade from her heart, gleaming with blood.

”Eloise Indra. Not bad. ” Another soul, another name, and another life she owned. She turned to the horse who was fully loaded with the essentials needed on her journey to the castle. The black horse seemed to be discomforted by her touch.

”Good boy. ” She stroked his mane before she mounted and rode him across the dense forest. Stopping before the gates she looked at the guard.

”Yes madam. ” His voice heavy.

”Eloise Indra, Im sure youve been told. ”

”Yes. Why don you get off the horse? Boy here will walk him to the stable. ”

The guard walked her in to the castle, hallway never ending with a big mural of the battle of blood valley.

”You won mind if I ask who she is. ” Eloise pointed at the women in her armor who stabbed the King Jasper Aphelion. The royal worker thought for a good second before he spoke.

”You really don know? ”

Eloise shook her head in a no. Lies.

”You know we aren allowed to talk. Anyway, this is Prince Keress dad. Our former king and well she… she is Lenore. The wolf queen who fought our king during the battle. Such a brave warrior she was. Before the wolf king could join new force she stabbed our king. They both died. Well the wolf say she is not dead. ”

”What about her family? ” Eloise asked.

”Her daughter, well Im not sure about her. We were not told about her. People say she was good. She wanted to stop her dad from creating the evil crown. I… I forgot her name. What was it? Elysia. Yes that was her name. ”

”Are you sure the queen had only one daughter? ”

”Yes, why do you ask? ”

”Just cause. ” The hallway never seemed to end.

”We must not keep our king waiting. ” They turned around the corner and the first door in view led to King Arthurs chamber.

”Greetings king. ” She didn bow, she never did. Not even to her father.

King Arthur was busy with paper work. ”Uh huh. ”

Eloise sat in the chair opposite to the king.

”Eloise Indra. I never expected a young girl to be so good at swords. ”

”Experience doesn always come with age, King Arthur. ”

”I surely agree with you on this. ”

”Anything else youd like to know. ”

”Its the skills Ill be solely concerned about. ”

”Then you won be disappointed. ” Eloise smirked.

”Excellent, but how long youll be staying depends on our prince. ”

”You will be disappointed to know this but I decide how long I stay. ” The kings expression grew confused.

”My skills. ”

”Well then I hope your stay here is pleasurable. ” His smile a mere stretch.

”It sur

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