est with the other hand.

”Why did you die? Did you really love him so much that you accompanied him to his death? What about my love for you? I am now a Lakan. Why did you not gave me a chance to sit beside my throne?

He lifted her and placed her gently on the bed. He stayed in the room for almost one hour mourning the death of the woman he secretly loved since young.

When he went out of the cabin, he was back to the ruthless warrior that he was.

”Bring the Lakambinis body back to the kingdom. As for the former Lakan, throw his body into the river so the fish can feast on him. ” That was his first order as a Lakan.

I will not allow you to be together with your beloved wife, Lawin. He kicked the dead body of the King of Namayan who was still lying on the floor like a pin cushion with so many arrows still pierced on his body.

”Look for the princess and bring her to me dead or alive. ” That was his second decree.

He moved to his boat and head back to the kingdom of Namayan to celebrate his victory.

The warriors who were left behind were reluctant to throw the former Lakan into the river.

”Lets put him in a raft then throw the raft into the river. ” The chief warrior suggested and the rest agreed that it was a good idea.

”Promise me Handyong. Protect her with your life! Promise me! ” Handyong jolted. It was just a a dream.

He stretched his aching body before checking on the 5 warriors who were still sleeping. It was now mid morning and he was hungry and thirsty. He looked around and found some bamboos growing not far away. He also just noticed that they were under a big balete tree which perfectly sheltered them from the heat of the sun.

He took the bolo with him and cut down a tall bamboo. The bamboo has many nodes and after some more cutting, he now has 10 bamboo water containers. He was about to pick them up when he heard Talas heart wrenching cries. It was the second time he heard that cry today. He hurried back to the Balete tree, picked up Tala and tried to coax her to stop crying. But no matter what he does, the baby still kept on crying.

Maybe she is hungry. Handyong looked towards the river and he froze at what he saw.

A raft was coming towards their side of the river and on it was a dead body with arrows protruding from his chest and abdomen. Handyongs legs turned into jelly and he almost lost his grip on the princess. He quickly laid her down and and went down into the river and pulled the raft to the side and tie it to the raft he used earlier.

He then pulled the arrows one by one and he felt as if his heart was being pricked every time he pulled out an arrow. He laid them down on a safe spot where the water will not reach them. He cleaned Lakans body and removed the blood that dried. There were so many wounds and they looked really ghastly. His Lakan has suffered much.

He lifted the kings body and laid him beside Princess Tala who was still crying.

”Sorry little one. I have to attend to your father first. ”

He removed his cloak and cover Lakans body with it then he placed the little princess on his stiff arm making sure that she was safe.

”The river led you to us my great Lakan. Oh no, it is not the river. It is you who found us. I am sure you want to spend some time with your little princess before I lay you to your final resting place. ” Though tears were endlessly falling from his eyes, Handyongs voice was now calm. The kings presence even in death has given him peace, the kind of peace that transcended human understanding,

”Shhh little one, stop crying now. You
e father is here to watch over you. Be good. I will prepare his bed. ”


Authors note.

Bangka is a small double out rigger dug out canoes. Out riggers are normally made of bamboos.

Bolo is a large knife with one edge sharpened

An albularyo is a folk healer who uses medicinal plants to treat patients.

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