”Goddess, please forgive us for our sin! My brother didn kill the celestial beast intentionally! ”

”Yes, goddess. Please, do something! Save us from this curse! Only you can save us! ”

”Please, save us! ”

A crowd of white-robed men radiating a gentle, light glow bowed before the feet of a white-robed female. Graceful and otherworldly, the females knee-length obsidian black hair floated around her and obscured her fair features, which even half-covered, induced reverence and infatuated devotion in the hearts of the men around her.

A few feet away from these men stood otherworldly beings that radiated light, fire, water, lightning, and other suffocating auras from their bodies that were on equal oppressive might with that of the white-robed female.

”Goddess, your humble servant took the life of a celestial beast. This is a matter that can be forgiven or forgotten. A mere curse is a far less punishment compared to what they deserve. Are you going to interfere in that as well? ” A cold voice boomed in the white sky, before an elegant shadow appeared and slowly descended.

”God Urlas, what are you doing here? The Heavenly Mars doesn have the right to interfere in the affairs of the Heavenly Moon and Heavenly Jupiter. ”

”Haha…Heavenly Mars doesn have the right to interfere in the affairs of the Heavenly Moon and Heavenly Jupiter. However, your servant committed the sin of slaying a celestial beast. This matter concerns the Seven Heavenly Realms. Such a sin must be punished. If you, Stars God, and the Moon Goddess want to save those servants of yours, then youll have to face the wrath of the entire Seven Heavens. ”

”Oh? Is that a threat? ”

Beside the graceful, otherworldly female stood an equally enchanting male with long silver hair and mesmerizing countenance. His cold, indifferent eyes exuded sharpness that caused the Heavenly Mars God to slightly tremble and subconsciously take back a step.

He knew he was being challenged. However, if he accepted the challenge of the Stars God, he would not only lose, but would lose miserably.

No, it was much better to carry out the original plan and get rid of the Stars God.

God Urlas frowned and coldly scoffed. ”Stars God, are you going to challenge the entire heavenly realms now? I say, stop being a hypocrite! If you really can bear to watch your servants get cursed, then why don you replace them instead? ”

”Replace them? Mars God, do you know what you
e saying!? ”

Right at this moment, the ethereal voice of the female resounded, causing the gloating males to freeze in a trance. The rage and fury in her violet orbs shimmered like beams of light particles.

The silver-haired male stepped forward and wrapped his arm around the females waist. ”Shhh…Light, no need to get so worked up. Hes not worth it. ” His cold eyes swept over the dazed Heavenly Mars. The prickling sensation on his skin from the others fiery glare instantly snapped Urlas back to his senses.

He**! He was just looking! Why does the Stars God have to behave so territorially?

Just as the Mars God hastily took a step back, a rough voice resounded from the void and attracted the spectators attention.

”But I think Heavenly Mars has a point. Your servant committed a sin. As such, it only makes sense for you to replace him in undergoing the punishment, Heavenly Stars River. ”

”Sun God…I shouldve known you would be here. ” Stars God coldly scoffed.

”A matter concerning the entire Seven Realms would, of course, require my presence as well. Stars God, make your decision already. Are you going to watch the Moon Goddesss servants be cursed, or will you replace them? ”

”It wasn intentional. They… ”

”Yes, they killed a celestial beast. Intentional or unintentional, according to the heaven laws, they must be punished. The death penalty was removed because it was unintentional. But the curse must be enacted. ”

At this moment, spatial fluctuations spread across the white sky. Heavenly gods and goddesses appeared one after the other, raising their voices in agreement for the enforcing of the curse.

”The celestial beast is dead. You must pay the price of shedding celestial blood. ”

”Thats right. Your servant killed a celestial beast. As servants of the same regime, men and women in regime 17 will either accept the curse or accept death. Unless…someone replaces them. ”

A celestial beasts blood was shed.

This matter couldn be covered without evoking the wrath of the Beastly Emperor. As such, one way or another, a punishment had to be passed in order to appease the Beastly Emperor and prevent war.

Stars God released a long sigh, and glanced at the Moon Goddess. He couldn bear to see her placed in a difficult situation. ”Fine. I, Stars God of the Heavenly Stars River, will replace the Heavenly Moon Servants and accept this curse. ”

Only by taking the curse upon himself could he protect her and those she held dear.

”Stars God! ”

”You can ! How about our Goddess!? ”

”This happened because of us! ”

The white-robed men howled in grief and mercilessly slammed their heads on the pristine white stone. Their cries churned the skies and shook the ground.

However, it failed to match the despair in the females eyes. ”How can you…? How can you…do this to me? ” She choked through her tears.

”Its only a mere curse. Sooner or later, Ill break through it. You just need to obediently wait for me to return…hmm? ”

”No, no…I do not accept this. Rescind the acceptance of the curse! Rescind it now! ” She hoarsely commanded.

”Its too late. Once a curse is accepted, it cannot be rescinded. Have heart, Beloved Wife. Ill be back. For you, Ill always be back. ” The Stars God barely finished his words before a crimson light engulfed his figure, and dissolved him into a multitude of shimmery lights.

”No…no…how can you…? How can you do this? You promised to never leave me! ” The Moon Goddess held her chest, crimson blood leaked from the corner of her lip. With a betrayed expression, she dazedly stared at the spot her beloved once stood.

”How can you leave me…? ”

The Sun God nervously licked his lips and moved towards the Moon Goddess. ”Hehe…Moon Goddess, why worry? You won be alone. In fact, I, the Sun God, am willing to take a vow of eternal companionship to you. Ill… ” He paused and swallowed with difficulty.

Her ethereal beauty and mesmerizing aura took his breath away!

”Do you know, Moon Goddess? The Stars God isn the only one that admires you. I adore and admire you just as much as he does. If you only give me a chance… ”

”Scram! Get lost from my sight! Since the Stars God isn here, there is no reason for me to be here as well. I, the Moon Goddess of the Heavenly Luminous Moon, replace my servants and share the curse with the Stars God of the Heavenly Stars River. Whether it be the zenith of the Celestial Moon or the depth of the 18th hell, I shall forever accompany Stars God and be his light in this journey! ”

”Moon Goddess! ”

The white-robed men were stricken with grief and self-deprecation. Because of them, the Stars God separated from the Moon Goddess, and the Moon Goddess decided to accompany the Stars God.

”Why!? This is our fault, so why!? ”

”Don blame yourselves. Killing a Celestial Beast isn an easy matter. But the fact you managed to kill it so easily proves you have been set up. Stars wouldn allow himself to shine brighter than the Moon. And Moon doesn feel complete without Stars by her side. As such, we shall forever remain by each others side, and shine under each others brilliance. ”

”We shall accompany the Stars God and the Moon Goddess. The sin we committed, well pay for it under your radiance. From this day on, we, the Heavenly Moon Servants, shall accompany our Stars God and Moon Goddess until our final return. ”

The sky darkened, and thunder rumbled across its bleak surface. The Gods and Goddesses of the Seven Heavens watched in astonished mortification as the Sun God panickily rushed forward to grasp the Moon Goddesss hand.

Alas, by the time he reached her vicinity, the ethereal Moon Goddess along with the Heavenly Moon Servants shattered into numerous dots of light and dispersed with the drifting celestial wind.

They disappeared from the surface of the Heavenly Moon Realm, and the Seven Heavens for millenniums to come…

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