Return Of The Moon Goddess

An FYI To My Beloved Readers

Hi everyone! As you mightve seen above, this is an FYI page to the loyal fans of Rebirth of the Moon Goddess and new readers of the Captivating Storm Series. Book one of the series, Rebirth of the Moon Goddess, was around 192 chapters. The second book in the series, Return of the Moon Goddess, is anticipated to be at least twice as long, if not three times.

There are two reasons for this. The first is that the book will cover two time lines; Yusria and Zeonens past as the Moon Goddess and Stars God, then their present lives as the Eastern Emperor and Eastern Empress. So itll be more like two books compiled in one, separated into ten Arcs.

First Arc: Descent To Mortal Realm

Second Arc: Return To God Realm

Third Arc: Wedding Gone Wrong

Fourth Arc: Searching The Realms For Your Shadow

Fifth Arc: Mastering The Reincarnation And Rebirth World Laws, Opening The Seven Heaven Gates

Sixth Arc: Heavenly Luminous Star River

Seventh Arc: Slaughter Of The Celestial Beast, Cursed To Live As Half-Human, Half-Beast

Eighth Arc: Remembering The Past, Ascending And Taking Care Of The Celestial Demon

Ninth Arc: Storming Through The Seven Heavens

Tenth Arc: Return!

Lots of events will unfold in both parts, and I don want to ruin the readers experience by rushing it. Secondly, Yusria and Zeonens love, respect, and loyalty for each other went through the trials of time and space to become what it is. To effectively show it, its going to take your author lots of pages. Ill do my best not to drag any scene, but again, you
e warned, so expect a long read.

For new readers, you might want to read the first book to understand the last portion of the second book better. However, Ill try to make the story a read-alone as much as possible, so you wouldn need to read the first one to follow the story.

Now, without much further delay, lets get some basic background info out so no one gets confused later on!


Types Of Creatures

Deva Creatures- Born in God Realm and or FloraFauna Realm, pure, righteous, and straightforward in nature, creatures with higher aptitude

Asura Creatures- Born in Devil Realm, malevolent, dark, sinister, and manipulative in nature, creatures with higher aptitude

Mortal Creatures- Born in the Mortal Realm, weak, emotional, easy to manipulate, dissatisfied in nature, weakest aptitude

Animal Creatures- Born in Beastly Realm, hot-blooded, loyal, impatient in nature, medium aptitude

Pretaghost Creatures- Born in Nether Realm, cold, dreary, despondent in nature, medium aptitude

Hell Creatures- Born in hell, ruthless, savage, fiery in nature, high aptitude

Seven Heavens

God Realm- God Domain, where the majority of lifeforms that step into Godhood congregate, ruled by Order God Heavenly Emperor Cosmo Xeno and Creation Goddess Heavenly Empress Lutetia, home of Crown Prince Zeonen

Devil Realm- Devil Domain, where demons, devils, asuras, specters live, ruled by Chaos God Cillian and Passion Godd

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