*Ross would start walking around, seeing multiple tunnels.*

”Ive just realized, if this anything like a game then this is probably a dungeon. ”, said Ross with a annoyed tone.

”That explains the amount of tunnels that Ive needed to traverse through.. ” ”, said Ross.

”I wonder just how big it is though, might as well continue walking. ”, said Ross with a questioning tone.

*While walking, Ross had finally encountered something, a foe perhaps?*

”Well, what is this exactly? 8 legs, 5 eyes and some huge fangs with quite the furry look, it can be anything else but a..

SPIDER! ” said Ross with a bit of fear mixed in with his voice.

”Thats really struck my core! Especially how large that beast is! ” said Ross still fear mixed in his voice.

”It hasn noticed me yet though, so maybe I could surprise attack it. ”, said Ross nervously as this was his first foe.

*With a nervous sigh, he decided to do a charge.*

*Ross hit the spider as hard as possible with all his body weight and size, making sure it counted!*

+20 EXP!

”Woo Wee! That had got me dizzy, that was a hard hit, no way that spider isn dead right? ” said Ross with a bit of excitement in his voice as he was in a bit of a adrenaline rush.

*Ross turned to see the spider.*

*The spider was barely recognizable from its original body shape, there was still a large abundance of its meat left however.*

”That thing looks messed up, there isn anything but just a large pool of blood and his dead lifeless squished inward corpse, maybe I hit a little too hard for it. ”, said Ross with lots of disgust mixed in his voice, he was almost going to vomit at the sight of it but held it back.

*Ross walked over to the spider and devoured it completely with a slight look of disgust in his face.*

”Surprisingly, it wasn bad. ”, said Ross with a bit of a surprise.

”It tastes a bit weird, especially its texture but its nothing to hate, tastes a little like raw beef which is really interesting! ” said Ross.

*After done with his food, Ross decided to walk around more, he was irritated though as he had no idea where to go.*

*Ross would continue walking for a few more minutes before coming across another animal.*

*He carefully inspected it first but was careful, he didn exactly what happened last time to that spider to happen to this thing either.*

8This time it noticed him first and attacked extremely fast.*

*Ross flinched and quickly with his giant body, barely dodged but still got a bit of his side taken by the creature, which hurt him a bunch, making him feel quite a bit of pain. ”

-15 HP!

”OUCH! ” screeched Ross.

”What in the hell is that thing and how is it so powerful!?!? ” said Ross with a astonished tone.

*He was still in pain but decided to ignore that*

”Id better get ready to fight though! ” said Ross.

”My best plan of action is to wait and let it lunge so I can perhaps get the upper hand with a bite. ”, said Ross with a confident tone.

*Ross would get into a fighting stance, waiting patiently for the animal to lunge.*

*The animal lunged, Ross thinking he got it and biting forward, he smiled a little as he thought it was done for.*

*The animal instead dodged and hit from behind.*

-50 HP

*This caught Ross heavily off-guard. ”

”What the HELL!??! Did it just feint attack me!? ” said Ross while in a lot of pain.

”I didn expect much out of an animal like this, but it seems that its pretty experienced.. ”, said Ross with less confidence in his tone.

*He felt extremely lucky to have so much HP.*

”Let me check my HP quickly to make sure im doing good. ”, said Ross.

Species: Dinosaur (T-Rex)

Level: 4

Exp: 30/400

HP: 335/400

Strength: 105

Durability: 115

Intelligence: 125

Stamina: 180/225

Bite, Charge, Scratch, Enraged, Extreme Eater are all abilities.

*Ross looked at his HP with amazement, it hadn gone down much but the pain was not to scoff at either.*

*Without any more talking, the spider jumped again. Ross expected this while talking, so he quickly dodged out. It was, however, a chore with his weight again, letting the beast scratch him again.*

-15 HP!

*This pursued another screech as this time the monster hit one of Rosss little arms!*

*The beast lunged at him again and he did the same thing as last time, biting in front of the path of the beast, but it did what it did last time, feint and attack.*


”AGH!? ” screeched Ross.

*Ross had realized that it only had these 2 patterns which made him happy a little inside, finally knowing its attacks.*

”Now that I know he has such a easy pattern, it should be a easy victory, right? ” said Ross nervously but still slightly confident.

*It lunged at him yet again, this time Ross Bit forward. The beast had gotten into his jaws, he thought it was over and was ready to finally take some rest but it seemed to fight back and get out.*

-5 HP

*The Beast has gone down by 80 HP!*

”This thing definitely does not have much more HP left. ”, said Ross, he was now gleaming with more confidence then at first.

*As soon as Ross said that, the Beast suddenly turned more red, seeming to grow larger and bulge out more. Ross could even feel its aura growing.*

*Ross was flabbergasted now, he knew this wasn good at all!*

”This is rather unexpected! Id better be careful! Or else Im done for good! ” said Ross while being a little shaky in his voice however he was still confident.

”Im guessing it has the ability to enrage me as I do, that isn good at all! ” said Ross with fear building up more and his confidence lowering.

”It seems to raise his abilities a lot more, its gonna be really troubling.. ” said Ross.

*The Beast lunged at him again, but it seemed.. Super Sonic? It was impossible to see with the common eye, and Ross got a direct hit, knocking him back a few good meters!*

-100 HP

*With a large screech full of pain, Ross went fully mad, he wasn going to take anymore of this!*

*Suddenly, Ross also went red and he started growing as well, his teeth increasing and his muscles starting to grow out more!*

*Ross now felt his new strength from this ability. Which made him giddy with excitement.*

”I feel a lot stronger suddenly! ” said Ross full of adrenaline and excitement.

*As Ross said that, the Beast threw itself at him, this surprised him but Ross, with his heightened senses, directly tail-slammed the Beast.*

+400 EXP

Level UP!

*Ross had finally killed the beast; feeling full of energy and extremely thankful.*

”That was really close! I didn want my new life to end like that. ”, said Ross with a now more laid-back voice.

*Trying to settle down from such a big fight, he tried to eat the beast as to become calm and back into the right state of mind*

*He also noticed shortly after that he was out of a kaioken-esqiue form.*

*After eating*

+100 HP!

”Lets see what my stats look like now. ” said Ross with a bit of excitement mixed in his voice to see what the stat increases were like.

Species: Dinosaur (T-Rex)

[Evolution Possible] Level 5

Exp: 30/800

HP: 265/400

Strength: 140

Durability: 150

Intelligence: 128

Stamina: 285/285

Bite, Charge, Scratch, Enraged, Extreme Eater are all abilities.

*He was stunned with the growth of his stats, giving a huge boost to everything!*

Those look like some good stats!

*He then noticed the evolution possible text and made a sly grin.*

”That fact Evolution is Possible.. ”, said Ross with a interested tone.

Written by Deathmap32 on Webnovel

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