*Ross was surprised, the egg didn taste awful at all.*

”Well, this is a interesting experience, it doesn taste bad either, its like egg yolk. ”, said Ross.

+5 EXP!

*Scaring Ross, he screamed*

”WOAH!? That scared me! It sounded in my head which is extremely weird but what does it mean by +5 EXP? ” said Ross with a shaky voice but also a bit of a confusion mixed.

”If I remember right, stuff like that comes from video games when you kill something. ”, said Ross.

”If its so similar then maybe.. ”, said Ross.

*Ross started concentrating his brain trying to unlock some secret system*

*Out of nowhere, a system had actually appeared!*

”It seems it actually worked! Which is a big surprise to say the least. ”, said Ross while being astonished and surprised.

”It seems I have some stats to look at as well. ”, said Ross.

Species: Dinosaur (T-Rex)

Level: 1


HP: 300/300

Strength: 80

Durability: 95

Intelligence: 125

Stamina: 200/200

Abilities: Bite, Charge, Scratch, Enraged, Extreme Eater

*Ross was astounded to see that he was pretty well-built, surely he could take on many beasts when he is a fully grown adult with loads of experience to depend on.*

”Well thats quite a nice bit of information to have. ”, said Ross.

”Is there perhaps a way to get a description of my abilities? I could learn a lot more about it and use it to my advantages. ” said Ross with a questioning tone.

*Ross focused hard on trying to get description on his Extreme Eater ability, so much that he felt his own brain busting as this was his first try on such a thing.*

Ability: Extreme eater

[This ability allows the user to eat large amounts of food, some of it turned into fat which is saved for later, this ability also allows for the food to be used for even better regeneration then normal overall]

”That seems like a really good ability! If I can use it right, I could easily be able to do many hit and run strategies without many problems! ” said Ross happily.

”Its gonna be helpful in the future surely! ” said Ross.

”Lets ignore that now though and start chomping on the rest of this egg. ”, said Ross.

*Ross would start chomping down on the egg until it was completely finished*

+350 EXP acquired!

”That was a large batch, thankfully to the ability I ate that entire thing! It did get a bit nasty at the end which did degrade my experience thoroughly, which was quite nasty… ” ”, said Ross with a bit of disgust in his voice.

Let me check stats again though.

Species: Dinosaur (T-Rex)

Level: 4


HP: 400/400

Strength: 105

Durability: 115

Intelligence: 125

Stamina: 225/225

Abilities: Bite, Charge, Scratch, Enraged, Extreme Eater

”I got that powerful by just eating a egg? This is insane! ” said Ross, he was dumbfounded.

Written by Deathmap32 on Webnovel

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