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It was a beautiful morning,

Our main character Ross, had just gotten up.

He went and did his usual, such as brushing his teeth, eating breakfast, readying up for work, and as soon as he was done, he got in his Toyota, which was hanging onto life with a thread, barely being able to run but still he had to go in it.

After a few minutes of trying to start up the car, it finally started up and he was on his way.

It was a pretty normal day so far, the roads were mostly empty with nothing for him to worry about, is what he thought, but that caught up to him quickly.

While he wasn paying attention , a truck had rammed straight into the side of the drivers door, completely squishing him and ending him with an extremely gruesome death.

When the ambulances had arrived, he was already far gone.

With no more than just a few bones remaining, and just a large pool of blood.

This is how Ross will now be reincarnated into a new world with new features to try out and an extremely hard journey!

Written by Deathmap32 on Webnovel

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