Most of reincarnation anime would lead an ordinary person to glory and turn him/her to the protagonist in the new world. Ryoichi Chow would never image the day he was fired would become the day he reincarnated. However, he seemed not to be any significant role in the new world. He found himself more likely to be an NPC, a non-player character! Ordinary!! still!!!

”Mr. Chow, thank you for your contributions in the past 10 years, but our companys current situation might limit your development in the long term. I believe your capability deserves a better platform, so … ”

The HR lady lost Ryoichis attention in the first sentence. He thought: Oh **, Im fired.

Ryoichi was an ordinary 32-year old salesman, that type of person who had to dress up with neat suits everyday in Takeshiro Company. The age was not too old, but it really could not say young. He used to hide some grey hair within the original black, and the reason no one could hardly see it is he often got it dyed. His eyes were deep, but not too much vitality or warmth in, and there were seemingly dark areas under. He also had high cheekbones and thin lips, some characteristics that might not be very Asian but you could tell in the first time that he is an Asian man.

His half-Japanese and half-Chinese name came from his mixed heritage – a Chinese father and a Japanese- mother, who left the family for a Ushirou when he was only 2 years old. His strong and stoic father raised him alone and sponsored him until college, meanwhile suffering from cancer. After Ryoichi graduated, his father was not getting well and finally died before dawn.

His fathers death took away part of his soul as well, so that Ryoichi fully devoted himself to work without any unnecessary social activities or dates. Being a sales man in the famous Takeshiro Company was his first job. Well, was. His performance also topped around the entire department for a few times. However, due to the influence of COVID-20, even the large corporation had to cut down the staff to survive. Unfortunately, he, without any valuable network, had to move away for a managers kin.

”Mr. Chow? Are you still with me? Do you have any questions? Do you agree with the option of leave of pay… ”

Ryoichis thought comes back and said: ”No, I request to raise the pay to N+5. ”

”Thats, Im afraid, thats not possible. According to our policy… ”

”Would you cut the crap? ” Ryoichi was getting a little bit impatient, ”I understand its only your job to talk to me, so Im still trying to be nice to you. But you, my lady, you go talk to your manager and tell him or her that I won accept unless the pay meets my satisfaction. By the way, what the company offers does not meet the requirements of legal provisions. If the employe

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